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Productive weekend; Hard freeze; Today’s cycling workout; Mastover sale.

Monday, March 4, 2013 by  
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Well, I wasn’t able to get any bike time in over the weekend, but Lisa and I got a huge chunk of our spring cleaning done. We’ll be working on some of the remaining mini-tasks after work throughout the week.

When Lisa and I planted all the annuals, herbs, tomatoes and peppers about a week ago, I made the following comment:

“Central Florida has experienced sub-freezing temperatures in March, but those are very rare events.”

Petunia, I Hardly Knew Ye.

Petunia, I Hardly Knew Ye.

I rolled the dice, and wouldn’t you know it, last night mother nature gave us one final(?) kick in the teeth with record-breaking low temperatures. In my subdivision we hit a record low of 28.8°, and even Orlando hit 30°, breaking the previous low of 31° for March 4th. It’s 8:00 AM, and we just warmed back up to 32°. We hit freezing temperatures right at 2:00 AM, so that was 6 hours at, or below freezing. We brought in all the herbs and peppers and covered what we could, but everything else is covered in frost right now, including the ~100 delicate petunias we planted. 🙁

After all that hard work we put in to the landscape, I’m obviously pretty bummed out about the two late-season hard freezes–especially after being teased with an otherwise mild winter. Of course I realize that this “cold weather” is laughable compared to the brutal winters many of you have experienced this year. I’m not complaining about the cold, per say, (heck, I like the cold) just the devastation to the tropical plants and landscaping. Next year I’m not doing anything in the yard until late March or early April.

This morning I’m going to get a quick weight training workout in, and later today I’ll be doing the next indoor cycling training workout on TrainerRoad. The cycling workout I’ll be doing is 1.5 hours in length, and it’s pretty much non-stop aerobic conditioning. It’s not a super tough workout (I’ve done it before), but it’s a good one. The entire ride is done in one gear, but constant cadence changes keep things interesting.

Reminder: Mastover’s final sale for 2013 is going on right now, but you’ve got to act fast: the sale ends Thursday. Grab all the details and get signed up here.

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