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Two great workouts yesterday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by  
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After two weeks off, as you can imagine yesterday was a very busy work day. I still manged to squeeze in a 35 minute weight training workout before work, and a 60 minute cycling training workout on my lunch hour.

My weight training workout was pretty straightforward: deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, body weight wide-grip pull-ups (to failure) and weighted chest dips. I felt surprisingly good considering it’s been two weeks since I last lifted.

Yesterday morning my friend Mike invited me to Santos for an afternoon ride, but I was simply too buried in work to get away for several hours. It killed me to ride the trainer, especially because yesterday was the literal definition of perfect mountain biking weather. I tried not to think about any of that as I dutifully prepped my Bike Torture Chamber (BTC) for a challenging indoor workout.

Obviously I would have much preferred to ride the trails at Santos yesterday, but it’s not as if I dislike indoor training. In fact, I very much enjoy the challenge of my BTC workouts (some of my friends think I’m nuts for this). I also love analyzing my workout data. It’s the computer geek in me, I guess.

Yesterday's workout graph: "Thunder" on TrainerRoad

Yesterday’s workout graph: “Thunder” on TrainerRoad

Yesterday’s 60 minute/17.4 mile workout was “Thunder” on TrainerRoad. This workout included 4 sets of 2×4 minute speed endurance intervals between 90%-95% FTP (Functional Threshold Power) with 2 minutes active recovery between each set and each interval. While not part of the official workout, for an added challenge I alternated cadence between 86 and 76 from one interval to the next.

Yesterday was the absolute best I’ve felt on the trainer so far this year. The workout required focus and was uncomfortable, but it was the first time this year I can honestly say the workout didn’t feel hard. I exceeded the target wattage on every interval, and during the final interval I rode above my threshold (currently 270 watts) the entire time, gradually building additional speed and power over the course of the interval.

My fitness is not quite back to where it was late last year, but yesterday’s workout was another indication that I’m getting closer!

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