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Great ride yesterday; Exercising during the work day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 by  
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I’m still not caught up at work, so yesterday I had to settle for a 20 mile road ride on my lunch hour.

It was fairly cool at around 55° (F), but the strong winds cut right through my Lycra and made it feel even colder. Thankfully the sun was shinning bright, and that provided some warmth. Once I got warmed up the cool air felt invigorating.

My legs felt really solid on the bike yesterday, and my cardio felt fairly decent. I set three new PRs, but I have to give the wind an assist…

Surf's up! It was a cool and beautiful, but very windy, day!

Surf’s up! It was a cool and beautiful, but very windy, day!

…yep, the winds were super strong, and a major factor on yesterday’s ride. A couple of the stronger gusts from the side almost blew me and my bike right over! I don’t know exactly how powerful the gusts were, but the forecast called for 15-20 MPH winds. Riding into the wind was quite challenging, while riding with the wind at my back made me feel as if I had an engine on my bike! Of course I only had the wind working for me less than 25% of the time (felt more like 10%), and so the rest of the time I was fighting!

It was a great workout and a lot of fun. When I got back to work I was energized and feeling really good. The endorphin rush stayed with me for the rest of the work day, and I had an extremely productive afternoon.

I’ll never understand employers who don’t encourage their employees to exercise during the work day. If I owned a business (well, I do own a business–I mean a business with multiple employees) I would provide not only the means, but also incentives for my employees to exercise during their work day. Showers, daily group rides/runs, a gym and even cash bonuses for setting and reaching fitness goals. There’s no question in my mind that healthy employees are happier employees–I know this because I’ve personally been on both sides of the fence. I would never want to work for a company that didn’t afford their employes the ability to exercise during the work day: that kind of thinking is short-sighted and old-fashioned.

Employers: please take some time this week to examine what you’re doing (or not doing) to encourage a healthy and active workforce.

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    • So if the winds were indeed 20 MPH (and they felt like they were, especially when I was riding), according to that calculator that would put the wind chill at 39°.

      So, considering I was in Lycra, I think “fairly cool” is being kind.

      Thanks for the link!

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