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Excellent training ride yesterday, couple new PRs; Trek Madone update.

Thursday, April 4, 2013 by  
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With my Madone out of action again, my training options are limited at the moment. I decided to load up my Fuel and hit Wekiwa State Park for an 18 mile training ride.

Dry and sandy trails at Wekiwa made for a great workout yesterday.

Dry and sandy trails at Wekiwa made for a great workout yesterday.

The trails were as dry and sandy as I’ve ever seen them. I knew I was going to get a great workout in if I pushed the pace, and I did.

I decided for my first lap to do the “Big Loop”, which is the 9 mile loop that includes a couple of remote hiking trails. I set new personal records on two segments found on that loop, and rode my second best time on the complete loop itself.

The first PR came on the Marker 13 to Marker 19 (Red Blaze) segment. This segment is a 1.4 mile stretch of trail that starts off with a lot of sand, and ends with a more technical jaunt through a low-lying area with plenty of roots and small cypress “pedal catchers”. The sugar sand is a major factor on this segment, so I was really surprised that I beat my previous best time of 6m11s with a new PR of 5m55s! Nice to be under the 6 minute mark there, especially considering how slow the sand was yesterday. I felt good! With the sand packed down after a nice rain I should be able to further improve my time.

The second PR was the last segment in the 9 mile loop: Camp Cozy to Sand Lake (White Blaze). This trail is a remote hiking trail, and has absolutely no sugar sand. There are lots of big roots, some mud in spots and countless small Cypress stumps. My previous best time on this segment was 11m34s, which I rode in January 2013. I was pretty happy with that time, but yesterday I was able to shave another 10 seconds off and rode a time of 11m24s. I feel a sub-11 minute time is possible here. Make a note of that. 🙂

I rode my 2nd best time ever on the 9-mile Big Loop segment. My best time on that segment is 44m16s, and yesterday I rode a time of 46m04s. Unfortunately there were 4 or 5 downed trees on the third section of trail in that loop, and they slowed me up. Even without those trees, I don’t think I could have beaten my best time yesterday due to the dry conditions and loose sand.

Here’s the complete 18 mile ride on Strava.

I’m feeling real good on the bike right now–best I’ve felt all year, in fact. I really hope this Madone issue is resolved quickly, and permanently: I’m kicking butt on my current training program, and I do not want to lose the momentum I’ve worked so hard to build. Having to deal with the exact same bottom bracket issue that I just dealt with a couple months ago is very frustrating.

Speaking of the Madone issue discussed in yesterday’s blog, I posted a link to that blog on Trek’s Facebook wall. Trek asked me to contact them directly via email, and I did. I hope Trek does the right thing here, and quickly gets me back in action with a permanent fix (in other words, a new frame or new bike). How Trek chooses to handle this issue will determine if I’ll ever consider purchasing another Trek product.

I’ll let you all know what happens…

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3 Responses to “Excellent training ride yesterday, couple new PRs; Trek Madone update.”
  1. It will be interesting to see whether you’ll be significantly faster through those sandy sections on a 29er. The last time I was out at Snow Hill, I noticed that Dave, riding his 26er, really struggled through rooty and sandy sections of the trail that my 29er seemed to roll over without protest.

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  2. How far apart are the timed results of your longest loops at Wekiwa? Are they consistent enough to establish a clear baseline that could be used to compare a 26er to a 29er?

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