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Madone is fixed, happy with Trek and David’s World Cycle.

Monday, April 8, 2013 by  
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I was going to talk about Saturday’s trail work day this morning, but I’ve decided to push that subject off until tomorrow. This morning I’d like to wrap up the latest (final?) chapter in the Madone bottom bracket saga. If you need to get up to speed, give my April 3, 2013 blog a read.

First of all, after taking my bike to the shop I contacted Trek directly about this issue. I contacted Trek after a little nudge from my friend Paul Lewis, which was a smart idea–thanks, Paul. I quickly heard back from a Trek representative, William, who I found to be pleasant, professional and helpful.

I expressed my concerns about the V2 bearing “fix”, and Will said that “…the V2 bearing permanently corrects this issue 95% of the time.” Of course I’ve seen reports online of the V2 bearings prematurely failing, but obviously I am in no position to contradict Trek’s own numbers. I am willing to accept that what Trek is telling me is truthful. Further, Will told me that if for any reason the V2 bearings did not correct the issue, the frame would be replaced under warranty (the frame has a lifetime warranty).

Will went a step further, and supplied me with some good information on the bearing replacement procedure. He also confirmed that doing my own bearing replacement work would not void the frame warranty.

Finally, and I thought this was a very nice gesture, Will is sending me two carbon fiber water bottle cages and a supply of V2 bearings at no charge.

So I feel good about where we are, and how Trek is handling the problem. If the V2 bearings work, then great! If the problem resurfaces, then I have a commitment from Trek that the frame will be replaced at no charge. Either way, I’m happy.

There’s a little more to the story…

This is what my cranks and bottom bracket looked like. Not good.

This is what my cranks and bottom bracket looked like. Not good.

On Saturday while I was out working on the new Mt. Dora MTB advanced trail, I received a text message from the shop that is doing the warranty work on my Madone. The text message included the picture shown to the right, along with the caption “This is what your bottom bracket looked like. Somehow your (sic) getting a ton of water in there. Bearings came in, we are fixing it now.”

You may recall that the first time I took the bike in for the bottom bracket issue, there was also some rust present on the non-drive side bearing, but nothing like what is shown here.

When I got home and looked at the picture on my main computer, I was pretty shocked at the condition of the bottom bracket. This bottom bracket only had around 500 miles on it!

As I was looking at the picture, the mechanic who sent the photo called me. I told him that my Madone had only seen rain one time and had never been washed. I also mentioned that I do a lot of indoor training, but I have a bike thong and wear my Halo skull cap. I also wipe down my bike with a soft cloth after each and every ride. The mechanic didn’t feel any of those things (including the rain ride) should have created a situation in which that amount of water could get into the bottom bracket.

The mechanic went on to say he did not think the water intrusion caused the crank knocking issue, but clearly the bearing was not creating a good seal. Unlike the stock BB90 bearings, the V2 bearings must be pressed into the frame (the stock bearings are easily pushed in by hand). The mechanic said he felt the V2 bearings (which he has on his own bike) would correct both the crank knocking and the water intrusion problem.

I’d also like to add that the mechanic who did the work on my bike was very friendly, and took the time to answer all my questions. I appreciated that. Good service.

Only time will tell if the problem is resolved. I certainly hope that’s the end of it, but if I continue to have problems I feel confident that Trek and David’s World Cycle will make things right.

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4 Responses to “Madone is fixed, happy with Trek and David’s World Cycle.”
    • Craig, I fully agree. I am 99% sure that’s sweat in there. Even though I have not done a single workout (on the bearing that was just replaced) without that thong in place, the thong doesn’t catch everything. I have, however, been diligent about wiping the bike and the bottom bracket area down after every workout and ride. Clearly if that little bit of sweat dripping down there is getting past the seal there’s a problem with the seal. Hopefully the V2 bearing will provide a better seal (the mechanic was very confident that it would).

      I also picked up a fan, so that should help as well.

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