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Added a fan to my BTC; Yesterday’s workout analyzed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 by  
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If you saw the recent picture I posted of my Madone’s bottom bracket and cranks (see my April 8, 2013 blog), clearly water intrusion into the bottom bracket of my Madone has been a major problem.

I’m fairly certain that the “water” seen in this picture is actually sweat. When I’m outside riding and sweating, it’s not really a problem because the wind and forward movement prevents sweat from drenching the bike. When I’m doing indoor training in my Bike Torture Chamber (BTC), however, I’m stationary, and so all of that sweat is just pouring off me and down onto my bike.

I’ve already got a CycleOps bike thong, which–while not perfect–definitely helps. I also wear my Halo Skull Cap most of the time when I’m riding (indoors or outdoors). I had both of these items in use the entire life of the bearings that were just replaced, and so clearly they were not enough.

Lasko 18" Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Lasko 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan

The new oversized “V2” bearings that Trek recently installed under warranty should help with (or even prevent) the bottom bracket moisture problem, but I also want to do everything in my power to avoid getting water and sweat in the bottom bracket. I decided to purchase a Lasko 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan for my BTC, and I’m glad that I did…

I did my first workout yesterday with the fan running, and I’m really happy with it. The amount of sweat that dripped off of me during yesterday difficult 60-minute workout was considerably less than usual. As you can see in the picture to the right, there’s just a small amount of sweat on the floor below my bike–far, far less than usual. Also, I inspected the frame and bottom bracket area after my workout, and I don’t think a single drop of sweat hit those areas.

The fan also made the workout a little more comfortable, and more “outdoors-like”.

So, between the bike thong, the oversized bearings, the skull cap and the new fan I think the bottom bracket should stay sweat-free now (fingers crossed).

By the way, I like the Lasko 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan a lot. At 40 bucks it’s pretty inexpensive, it moves a lot of air (3 speeds), I assembled it in 2 minutes with no tools and the remote control & timer features are convenient touches. The base is big, but pretty lightweight–I would not recommend this fan if you have kids or pets that might knock it over. Apart from that, it’s a good fan.

Yesterday I did the 60 minute/17.5 mile workout called “Tallac” on TrainerRoad. This workout contained 3 x 15 minute intervals spent (mostly) in the Sweet Spot: I rode 61.8% of the time in the Sweet Spot, 16.1% in Threshold and quick tag in Anaerobic Capacity to drain the tank at the end. Lots of pedaling drills were included along the way.

I’ve done this workout before, and so it was very interesting for me to compare the stats from both workouts. The last time I did this workout was back in November 2012, and I was in peak condition at that time. My average heart rate on the three working intervals in November was 156 BPM, 169 BPM and 177 BPM. My average heart rate on the three working intervals yesterday was 155 BPM, 159 BPM and 164 BPM. I’m obviously really happy about these results. The past six weeks or so have been a tough climb as I’ve worked to regain the fitness I lost in January and February. Looks like I’m there, and then some.

Here’s the complete workout on TrainerRoad.

There are just four more workouts in the six week training program I’m following on TrainerRoad, and they are tough ones. Once I complete this training program, I’ll move on to the next one, which will be even more difficult. I expect to see some excellent results and further improvements to my fitness over the next couple of months!

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4 Responses to “Added a fan to my BTC; Yesterday’s workout analyzed.”
  1. Are you going to do the BaseII or Build for your next program? I got bored with all the base building efforts and with my racing season coming in just 10 days I needed to start doing higher intensity training, that is why I started doing Sufferfest w/TrainerRoad.

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      • Yeah but I’ve got issues with my trainer, KK says the power curve is the same as the new ones but the guys at TR think its not. Alex and I decided that whatever my FTP tested out at, I could use the number as a baseline for my personal training. Building a base is long efforts at 70-80% of your MHR right? Thats where my HR was during the most of the base intervals, so I am inclined to think that regardless of what my FTP is, my HR confirmed that I was training in the right zone. If you are doing base building and your HR is 80-100% MHR then you arent building aerobic base. Riding/racing MTB (around here anyway) is a lot of hard efforts (big climbs) followed by flats or downhill sections so I need to be training with some max effort intervals which none of the TR base programs have. I was tempted to try some of the build programs but I knew that the Sufferefest programs had what I needed so I went with Sufferfest synced with TR which makes them much harder then doing them alone. In retrospect I should have started training for racing sooner but I decided to do another half marathon instead which I am glad I did because the running helped my drop bodyfat and build some great endurance which will transfer well into endurance on the bike.

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        • Oh yeah, I’m not saying that moving to workouts that are more appropriate to your specific needs isn’t the right move, I was responding the “bored” remark. I’ve found that the TrainerRoad workouts–even the ones that require fairly steady “sweet spot” efforts–require a lot of focus. I definitely never get bored. Also, the workouts with instructions are kept interesting with pedaling mechanics drills, cadence drills, out of saddle efforts, Isolated Leg Training, etc.

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