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Carbon bottle cages: your thoughts?; Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires mounted.

Friday, April 12, 2013 by  
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Courtesy of Trek: 24g carbon fiber bottle cages and V2 bearings.

Courtesy of Trek: 24g carbon fiber bottle cages and V2 bearings.

Trek made good on their promise, and sent me a couple of Bontrager RXL carbon fiber water bottle cages along with a supply of oversized “V2” bearings for my Madone. They even sent everything by 2-day air, which I was not expecting. Pretty cool.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the carbon cages are ultra-light at just 24g. Which brings me to my next point…

I never understood the point of spending 50 bucks (or more) to save less than 20 grams on a water bottle cage–especially because the cage is designed to hold more than 700 grams of water! The RXLs look good, and seem like they will hold the bottles securely, but so did my old 42g cages. While I’m more than happy to take the free upgrade (thanks again, Trek!) I would never spend $100 of my own money on a couple of bottle cages. Am I missing something? What do you guys think of them?

Schwalbe Rocket Ron tire. They came in a few grams under published weight.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron tire. They came in a few grams under published weight.

My Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires came in yesterday. As you can see in the photograph, they are a few grams under the published weight of 465g. These are by far the lightest tires I’ve ever had on my Fuel.

I’m running the Rocket Rons tubeless, of course, and I had no problem getting them to bead up using my air compressor. Once I was confident the tires had good beads, I removed the vale cores and injected a couple of ounces of Stan’s sealant. After just one round of the shaking procedure and checking the tires for leaks with soapy water, I detected no micro-leaks.

I just checked the tires after letting them sit all night: the front tire didn’t lose any air at all, and the rear tire lost 4 PSI. Losing a little air overnight right after mounting a new tubeless tire is not unusual, and so I’m not worried about it. This morning I’m going to remove the wheel and do another round of shaking and checking for air bubbles with soapy water. The rear rim is the one I dinged the other day (and then repaired), but I can’t detect any air coming out from that location, nor can I burp air by applying strong pressure to the tire at that point. I think the rim is good to go.

I’m going to get these new tires in some dirt this morning and see how they perform!

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2 Responses to “Carbon bottle cages: your thoughts?; Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires mounted.”
  1. My Madone came with a couple of those CF bottle cages. I didn’t request them; they just put them on for free. Would I have spent $100 for the pair? Not a chance. In terms of $ per gram, these CF cages are probably the worst value of any component on the bike.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you make out with those Rocket Rons. I was experimenting with component weights to see how I could get my 29er down from it’s current 22 lbs to 21 lbs. The Maxxis Aspens on it now weigh 570 grams each, so there’s definitely some fat to trim there.

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