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I’m doing TrainerRoad’s “8 Days in California” Challenge.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 by  
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I received an email from TrainerRoad last night announcing their new 8 Days in California Challenge. This looks really cool:

TrainerRoad's "8 Days in California" challenge: May 12-19, 2013.

TrainerRoad’s “8 Days in California” challenge: May 12-19, 2013.

8 Days in California simulates what an 8 day stage race might be like in California through TrainerRoad.com’s software. Workouts will simulate a live race with a story overarching the entire event. Riders will be challenged to cover breaks, bring up water bottles and protect their team’s GC contender.

The challenge will consist of 8 workouts over 8 days. Workouts will last between one and two hours. There will be flat stages, mountain climbs and even a time trial.

Riders who successfully complete the challenge and do their duties to the team will receive a coveted 8 Days in California badge on their career page.

The workouts for 8 Days in California will be announced one week before it starts (May 5th, 2013). We will release each day’s workout the night before it happens.

The backstory is that participants will assume the roll of domestique, providing support for the TrainerRoad Pro Continental team leader. This challenge will involve eight straight days of rides on the trainer and, as mentioned above, each ride will be between between 1 and 2 hours.

No details on the actual workouts have been released yet, but since this is a race simulation I expect the workout difficulty levels will range from moderate to absolutely devastating.

I’ve decided to go ahead and do this. While eight straight days of riding indoors is not something I’d normally want to do, I think this is a really cool idea. I expect to be seriously challenged, and I think the workouts will bring about some positive adaptation and improvements to my fitness/FTP.

If you are not familiar with TrainerRoad, my full review can be found here.

Want to take part? To use TrainerRoad, you’ll need a bike, a compatible indoor trainer (most are supported, but I highly recommend the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine–my review on the Kinetic Road Machine is here), at least one ANT+ device (heart rate monitor, speed sensor, cadence sensor, power meter), a computer and an ANT+ USB stick. My TrainerRoad review goes into more detail on all of this, so check that out if you’re looking for more information.

You’ll want to test your FTP before the challenge so that the workouts are scaled to your current fitness level (I talk about how to do that in my TrainerRoad review).

If you’re looking for ideas/inspiration for setting up your own indoor cycling training rig, check out my Bike Torture Chamber article. In that article I detail all the equipment I’m using, with plenty of pictures and links.

Anyone else thinking about taking part in this?

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3 Responses to “I’m doing TrainerRoad’s “8 Days in California” Challenge.”
  1. Why did you choose the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine instead of the Kinetic Rock n Roll trainer? It seems that the Rock n Roll trainer would give you a more realistic workout plus reduce the stress on your carbon fiber frame. It seems that a lot of people believe that you should never put a carbon fiber frame in a trainer because it puts additional stresses on it since it is fixed from moving side to side.

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    • I looked at the RnR alongside the Road Machine. It was a tough call, as they are both fantastic units. Ultimately I went with the Road Machine because it’s tried and true, easy to transport and gave me everything I was looking for in an indoor trainer. I don’t think one could go wrong with either unit, it just comes down to personal preference. I may buy a RnR at some point, I’d love to try one sometime.

      As for a fixed trainer being hard on the carbon frame, Trek’s lifetime carbon frame warranty has me covered (I checked). Trek told me there would be no problem with using the bike on a trainer provided the bike is properly mounted using the correct skewer. Also, I’ve not heard of anyone’s carbon frame failing due to trainer use, and there are a lot of riders out there using that combo.

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