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Yesterday’s workout; Plans for next week; AtLarge 4 free items?!?!

Thursday, April 25, 2013 by  
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I’d planned to go mountain biking yesterday morning, but I got involved with another project and my available time quickly and quietly slipped away. The next thing I knew it was after lunch, and I simply didn’t have time to break away from work long enough to ride. So I decided to eat lunch at my desk (which I usually do anyway), and then do a 1 hour ride on the trainer.

Yesterday’s workout was “Ebbetts” on TrainerRoad. This is the second to last workout in the training program I’m doing right now. I did this same workout late last year, I recalled that it was pretty tough.

This 60 minute/17.6 mile workout includes 4×8 minute intervals @ 88-94% FTP with 5-second Anaerobic Capacity (AC) tags at 150-180% of FTP. 4-minute recoveries separate the intervals.

Those AC tags may be brief, but they really spike the heart rate and wake up the sprinting muscles. After blasting through each AC tag I had to continue to sustain an effort close to my FTP; this was fairly challenging.

I felt very solid doing this workout. It was not easy, but not as tough as I remember it being. There’s no question I’ve improved my FTP over the past couple of months, and I’m excited to re-test it when I start the next training program.

Here’s the workout graph (click to enlarge), and you can check out the complete workout data here:

April 25, 2013 workout graph: "Ebbetts" workout on TrainerRoad

April 25, 2013 workout graph: “Ebbetts” workout on TrainerRoad


So, as I mentioned above, there’s only one workout left in the program I’m following. That workout is a 1.5 hour gorilla fight that is probably the toughest workout of the series. I’ll be doing that this weekend.

A week from this Sunday I’ll be starting the 8 Days in California Challenge. I don’t want to start my next training program program on Monday and then have to interrupt it while I do the “8 days” challenge. So, rather than start my new training program next week, I think I’m going to do some Sufferfest video workouts on TrainerRoad for my indoor training next week. The Sufferfest workouts are very tough (especially when performed using wattage-based targets on TrainerRoad), and will provide a nice change of pace from my usual training. After the “8 days” challenge, I’ll take a couple days to recover (I suspect I’ll need it!) and then go forward with the next training program.

Chris from AtLarge Nutrition emailed me this morning, and I’m pretty sure he’s lost his mind: AtLarge is giving away four free products with any purchase $30 or greater. You read that right. Here are the details.

4 FREE Items Sale!

Today and Friday only, spend $30 or more and get 4 FREE ITEMS!

– 1 FREE Creatine 500
– 1 FREE Fish Oil
– 1 FREE Multi-Plus
– 1 FREE Turbo Shaker

That is $59.80 worth of items for FREE!!!

Getting the FREE items is easy! Simply order one or more items which total $30 or more (ex. 1ETS, 1 BCAA+ and one EGD Pro, 1 Pre –Workout etc.), then add each of the free products to your cart and enter the code 4FREEITEMS in the discount codes section of the shopping cart page (NOT the checkout page). The $59.80 total will then be reduced from your cart total and you will get them for FREE!

Order now!

· All pre-order items are included in this promotion.

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