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K-Edge Cycling Computer Mount

When I posted some pictures of my Madone’s newly slammed stem (see yesterday’s blog: “Flip it and slam it: discussion and how-to guide“), JSF member and fellow cyclist Devery Andrews noticed that I was still using the stock Garmin Edge 500 mount. Devery asked me if I’d ever considered one of the several aftermarket Garmin mounts that are available, and mentioned a few by name: the K-edge Computer Mount, the SRAM Road Computer Mount and the Tate Labs Bar Fly Computer Mount.

I always thought the stock Garmin mount was fairly utilitarian, but decent enough. I can’t say I’d ever given much though to replacing it.

As I started to research the mounts that Devery mentioned and read through some of the reviews on Amazon, the idea of picking up one of the aftermarket mounts quickly grew on me.

All of the mounts I looked at were pretty well-reviewed, but the most expensive of the bunch–the K-edge–seemed to have the best design and build quality. I own the K-edge GoPro mount, and it’s extremely well-built (yet light), looks great and is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Close-up of my Garmin Edge 500 on the K-edge mount.

Close-up of my Garmin Edge 500 on the K-edge mount.

Based on my experience with the K-edge GoPro mount and the positive reviews of their Garmin mount, I decided to spend a few extra bucks and get the K-edge Mount.

When the mount arrived yesterday and I unboxed it, I instantly knew I’d made the right choice. The build quality of the mount is top-notch, it’s light (30 grams), it’s very adjustable and it looks fantastic.

I have to elaborate on the appearance. Of all the aftermarket Garmin mounts, the K-edge mount is the only one not made from plastic. The K-edge mount is constructed entirely from 6061 T6 Aluminum (available in several colors, too). There are no plastic parts on it. Obviously cycling computer mounts are placed in a very prominent position on the bike, and so I think spending an extra 10 bucks or so for something that looks great is worth it. Of all the mounts I looked at, in my opinion the K-edge is the only one that looks at home on a several thousand dollar carbon fiber road bike.

The aesthetics are top-notch, but the K-edge is also a well-built and high quality piece of equipment.

First of all, I love the new position of the bike computer. Now that the computer is out in front of the stem, it’s much easier (and safer) to check the computer while I’m riding. The mount can be adjusted so that it’s flat (as I have it here), or angled up if you prefer. You can also slide the computer forward and backwards, so if you like your computer a little further forward it’s easy to do that.

My Madone rocking the new K-edge Garmin mount.

My Madone rocking the new K-edge Garmin mount.

I’m kicking myself for waiting this long to replace the stock Garmin mount. If your expensive Garmin cycling computer is still attached to your bike with Garmin’s cheap rubber bands, don’t wait for a disaster to make the switch!

All the mounts mentioned in this article are a huge step up from the stock mounting system, but the K-edge Computer Mount is clearly leading the pack. It has earned a place on my “Favorite Things” list.

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