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“8 Days In California”: Stage 8 recap; One day 35% off AtLarge Nutrition sale!

Monday, May 20, 2013 by  
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8DC Stage 8: My workout graph

8DC Stage 8: My workout graph

Yesterday I rode the 8th and final stage of TrainerRoad’s “8 Days in California” challenge!

Stage description: The final stage of 8DC is pretty forgiving in format with just a sprinkling of smaller climbs leading up to the 2-lap finish circuit that promises to be action-packed. There’s a single intermediate sprint and strong chance this will come down to a mass field sprint.

Stage strategy: Our plan will be 2-pronged. Both scenarios will involve an attack just prior to the finishing laps and the outcome will, with any luck, be one of 2 possibilities. 1: Our attack works and we solo to victory or claim a high finish in a small bunch sprint if our attack draws out a few riders. 2: Our attack is caught and we use the momentum to lead out our sprinter for a high finish, even possibly a stage victory.

Yesterday’s stage was not especially difficult, but it was far from a walk in the park. This is especially true simply because after 7 days of difficult stages, every rider who gave this challenge his or her all was certainly fatigued. I know I was. In fact, the first half of yesterday’s stage felt much harder than it should have. Once settled in, though, I felt quite strong.

Here are my post-ride notes:

“Challenge complete! Early in this stage I felt some heaviness in my legs and some general fatigue–no great surprise after the past 7 stages, and especially after yesterday’s tough stage (my TSS was 145). I even felt a bonk coming on early in this stage, which thankfully I was able to avoid with a couple of energy gels. I settled in at about the halfway point, and felt strong for the rest of the ride. Thanks to Nate, Reid and the rest of the TrainerRoad team for putting together such a fun, exciting, difficult and rewarding challenge. I truly enjoyed it, even when I felt like dying. It wasn’t always easy, but I did every stage with every optional KOM and sprint while exceeding all wattage requirements; I have no doubt that my fitness and strength as a cyclist has improved as a result. Can’t wait for the next one! “

That about sums it up! Well, and this graphic:

Tour complete!

Tour complete!


The final standings are in: 1,033 riders started this challenge and only 281 cyclists managed to survive the entire tour. Successfully completing all 8 stages was no easy task–congratulations to all my teammates who made it over finish line!

Tonight I’m going to crunch all the data and put together some (hopefully) interesting facts and figures. I’ll have those stats along with a final wrap up of the tour in tomorrow’s blog. 🙂

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John Stone Fitness Comments

2 Responses to ““8 Days In California”: Stage 8 recap; One day 35% off AtLarge Nutrition sale!”
  1. John this has been fascinating to read about and congratulations! Your commitment and passion for biking has drug me right along with you. I now bike to work (15 miles one way), and my fitness is better for it.

    You have managed to stay fresh and very interesting to read these 10+ years! I hope you keep doing it, and what you write about I hope is always whatever you are passionate about as you have become quite a good writer after all this practice.

    I know I’ve never made a startling visual physical transformation like you have, but since I started following you on twowiresthin, I have achieved a remarkable improvement in my fitness, strength and ability to just enjoy life without panting and wheezing. If I ever buckle down and get my diet solid for more than a month at a time, I make the visual transformation too, but it’s just not that important to me 🙁

    Anyway thanks again! Congrats on finishing the challenge. Do you think you might do an actual outdoors road race at some point?

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    • Hey, thanks Allen, really glad you enjoyed the 8DC coverage! I also appreciate that you’ve been reading this site for more than 10 years–twowiresthin is going waaaaaaaaaaaay back. You’re an old-school JSF’er for sure.

      Great job biking to work every day, I always love to hear that. Cycling sure is addictive, but it’s a pretty healthy addiction to have. 🙂

      As for me doing a road race, you can count on it.

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