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New FTP established; On track for new mileage PR; AtLarge 35% off!

Friday, May 24, 2013 by  
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I’m starting my new cycling training program (see yesterday’s blog for details), and so yesterday it was time to re-test my Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

What is Functional Threshold Power? FTP is simply the maximum power (measured in watts) that a cyclist can maintain for one solid hour. FTP is the best single marker for fitness in cycling: the higher your FTP is, the stronger rider you are.

There are a couple of well-established tests that are used to determine FTP: the “8 Minute Test” and the “20 Minute Test”. Each of these tests are an hour in length, but the time spent actually assessing threshold power is less than that (2×8 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively). Both tests are unpleasant, but necessary: TrainerRoad automatically scales workout difficulty levels based on the athlete’s FTP. In order to get the most from your training, it’s important to have an accurate FTP. Re-testing every six weeks or so is recommended.

The formula for establishing FTP from the two 8-minute intervals is simple:

FTP = ((P1 + P2) / 2 * .9)

…where P1 and P2 are the average power outputs from each 8-minute interval.

New FTP of 294 established yesterday.

New FTP of 294 established yesterday.

My existing FTP was 270. I’ve been training very hard since that FTP was established, and so I expected to see a nice improvement over my old score. I felt good yesterday, and my average power for the two 8-minute testing intervals was 325 and 329 watts, respectively. Therefore:

((325 + 329) / 2 * .9) = 294

My new FTP is 294 watts. That’s the highest my FTP has ever been measured, and I’m very happy with the 24 watt improvement. I also set a new 5 minute power output PR of 331 watts. That puts my 5 minute watts/Kg at 4.24 and my 1 hour (FTP) watts/Kg at 3.77, which are pretty respectable numbers.

Here’s the complete ride with all data on TrainerRoad.

The training program I’m starting now has a lot of very difficult anaerobic intervals, and with my new FTP those workouts are going to be even more brutal. It’s going to hurt, but I think over the next 9 weeks my fitness and strength as a cyclist are going to reach heights I’ve never even approached before. I’m pretty excited about that. Time to dig in and makes friends with the pain. 🙂

It looks like I’m going to break my single month mileage record. My existing record is 550.3 miles (885.62 Km), set last November. So far this month I’ve already ridden 462.3 miles (744 Km). I’ll certainly be riding at least another 100 miles over the next eight days. It would be cool to hit 1,000 Kilometers (621 miles)!

Finally, long-time JSF Sponsor AtLarge Nutrition is having an amazing pre-Memorial day 35% off blowout! Details follow…

AtLarge Nutrition Early Memorial Day Sale!

First, and foremost, we love our men and women in the Armed Forces, and we are eternally grateful to those who gave their lives so that we can live and bask in the glory that is the American way of life.

Next, we received a LOT of emails from people who missed our one day 35% off sale this past Monday.

Soooo, we have decided to run one more, one day 35% off event today, Friday, May 24.

Enter the code MEMORIALDAY in the discount codes section of the shopping cart page and receive 35% off your entire cart total. The sale will end at midnight EST tonight. No exceptions will be made.

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* You may note a new points earning system we have installed. We will be communicating details about it once fully launched. Please note points cannot be earned or spent during sale promotions (if you enter the code you preclude them).

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      • Four races in and I have two wins, a 3rd & 4th. My biggest competition, a 15 yr old high school XC racer, has two wins and two seconds. I’m ten points behind him in the series overall. I need to keep beating him to make up points, the last race is double points so that could help. The next two races favor his strengths with a lot of tough climbing, while the last two favor mine with longer big ring climbs and good techy descents so it should be an exciting last four races. The series takes a week break as we have a big Sierra Cup race right here in reno next weekend with a Super D race saturday and XC race on Sunday. I’m going to have to make the jump to Cat 1 next year if I win the series overall.

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