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Picked up a new book, “Racing Weight”; Saturday’s 100 mile ride.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 by  
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"Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald

“Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald

The other day in the comments section of one of my blogs, my friend Craig Manning mentioned he’d just picked up a book called Racing Weight, by Matt Fitzgerald. I checked out the reviews and a few pages of the book (using Amazon’s cool “Look Inside” feature) and decided to pick it up.

Losing fat is obviously not a problem for me: after nearly a decade of cutting and bulking, dropping body fat when I want to is almost as effortless as breathing. What intrigues me about this book is that it’s focused on dropping weight with performance and racing as the ultimate goals.

I have no idea if I’ll learn anything new from the book, but it does look interesting and the reviews are good. If I can decrease my body weight without losing power (or, even better, gaining power), that’s obviously going to make me a faster and more efficient rider. I put a lot of training effort into becoming a stronger cyclist, so working the body weight/dietary side of the performance equation seems logical.

I’ll probably dive into the book this weekend.

I decided not to ride yesterday, as I felt I needed a day off. I’ve got to ride about 81 kilometers by the end of Friday to hit my 1,000 KM goal for May. The 100 mile ride is Saturday, and I want to take Friday off from riding (or just do a light spin) so I’m fresh for Saturday.

Saturday’s forecast is calling for heat and a 50% chance of thunderstorms, so it looks like my first century might be a hot, humid and wet affair. Rain, shine or all of the above, I’m doing it. 🙂

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