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Tough Anaerobic Capacity workout yesterday, but felt great!

Monday, June 10, 2013 by  
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The first few workouts in the Intermediate Build I cycling training program I’m doing were hard sustained threshold efforts, but those workout were just precursors to the real meat of this training program: aerobic capacity work.

According to TrainerRoad, yesterday’s workout (called “Gendarme”) was “…friendlier VO2max work to prove that max aerobic power gains don’t have to be entirely miserable.

Friendly?! I can think of a few adjectives to describe yesterday’s workout. I assure you “friendly” is not on my list. I suppose they are speaking comparatively, which means things are about to get a whole lot tougher!

Here are my post-workout notes, which also describe the workout:

My workout graph from the “Gendarme” workout on TrainerRoad.

My workout graph from the “Gendarme” workout on TrainerRoad.

Today’s 60 minute/17.9 mile workout was “Gendarme” on TrainerRoad. Now we’re getting into some Anaerobic Capacity work, which is what this training program (Intermediate Build I) is all about! This workout is a modified version of Power Intervals, and has a total of FORTY 30-second intervals (divided into two sets of 20) at Anaerobic Capacity. 30 seconds active recovery between intervals. This workout is all about getting into a groove and embracing the suck. If you think thoughts like “4 down, 36 to go” you’re doomed. I set new 20 second (694 watts) and 30 second (652 watts) power output records on the 40th and final interval. Felt very strong today, great workout.

Here’s the entire ride on TrainerRoad with all data.

The next two indoor workouts this week are a double dose of Over-Unders, which are designed to start nudging my sustainable power higher and higher. Those workouts will be tough, but next week’s workout are going to be even tougher. TrainerRoad describes them as “entertaining”, which means “creatively painful”.

Sounds… fun. 🙂

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