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Hit the weights yesterday; Completed major project this week (geek talk).

Saturday, June 15, 2013 by  
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Squat area of my gym.

Squat area of my gym.

Yesterday I was thinking about doing a light recovery ride, but I was really in the mood to lift. I decided to give the bike a rest and hit the weights.

My legs were not sore at all from Thursday’s 100 kilometer ride, but they did feel a little fatigued. I decided to torture my wheels with a few sets of breathing squats, followed immediately by a couple sets of burnout DB lunges. Ouch. When I finished the lunges I could hardly stand, so I did 4 sets of ab rollouts, 3 sets of wide-grip pull-ups (to failure) and 2 sets of seated DB shoulder presses. That about did me in.

I’ve got to work today, but I really don’t mind. This past week I completed and deployed a major project–one I’ve been working on for more than a year. The project involved new hardware and a new OS, and those changes required an entire rewrite of our proprietary software system (which was developed in-house more than 10 years ago). This core “gate” system is used everywhere we provide Internet service.

I did not write the original software. The guy who wrote that code is a truly gifted programer (he now works for the NSA), but he wrote this stuff in his younger days. While the software was a fairly solid performer, it was overly-complex and poorly commented spaghetti code. My primary duties over the past decade have been network administration, and to say that my coding chops (which, to be honest, were never particularly strong anyway) are rusty would be a slight understatement. This was, therefore, a very challenging project.

The first server with the new OS and new code was deployed Thursday afternoon right after I got back from my metric century ride. Even though I thoroughly tested everything in the lab, there’s no way I could simulate the deployed environment. Adding to the stress, the server was deployed in another state, so I had no physical access. As I logged into the DRAC and issued the “power on” command, I thought about the thousands of changes I’d made, and the myriad things that could go wrong….

The server and software have been running rock-sold since Thursday afternoon! There have only been two minor issues, both of which I was able to quickly resolve. I can’t describe how good I feel to have this project done. There were times over the past year when I hit walls that seemed insurmountable.

There are still a lot of non-critical support subsystems that need to be brought online, and I’ll be working on those today. I’m sure by mid-day my brain will be mush, and so I’ll probably break away for a hard trainer ride at that point.

Good luck to the Crazies who are braving the heat and humidity and doing the 100+ mile Salt Springs ride today. That’s going to be a toughie…

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4 Responses to “Hit the weights yesterday; Completed major project this week (geek talk).”
  1. I needed to read this today. I am 6 months into a challenging task at work and we keep running into problems, as we did yesterday again. We’ve solved all the previous but with this last one multiple attempts have failed and now we are thinking we need to start over from the beginning. We have a build cycle that takes a few weeks, so yesterday was demoralizing, to realize we are so close to succeeding but now so far as well. I just have to think about how we will feel when we solve this, and we will of course. We actually did the harder part of it, we are just getting hung up on what is usually the easy part somehow.

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  2. Working on my own little projects at home, I have the luxury of being able to make small changes and then just hit recompile, wait 5 seconds, and test away (I’m making a savegame editor for a favorite game of mine – straight, pure, win32 GUI). Of course, I can’t yet imagine working on a really large project and not having that luxury (but look forward to it – still searching for first real programming job!). So job well done on everything going so smoothly! It definitely could have been worse.

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