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Tough workouts; Vacation announcement; AtLarge Nutrition sale.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 by  
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The past couple of TrainerRoad workouts in the cycling training plan I’m currently following (Intermediate Build I) have been pretty tough. I just completed Week #2 (workouts 4, 5, and 6), and the past couple of workouts have been challenging over/under efforts.

“Over/Under” training involves intervals that have the athlete riding just under his or her Functional Threshold Power (FTP) level part of the time, and just over FTP part of the time. The goal of these efforts is improve the athlete’s sustainable power output.

Functional Threshold Power (or “FTP”) is the maximum power a rider can sustain for one hour. My FTP was re-tested at the beginning of the new 9 week/27 workout training program I’m following, and was measured to be 294 watts (up from 270 watts). As you may know, the difficulty level of the TrainerRoad workouts are scaled based on the rider’s FTP.

Workout #5 is called “Sill”, and I rode this one on Saturday. Here are my post-workout notes along with the workout description:

Today’s (Saturday’s) 60 minute/17.9 mile workout was “Sill” on TrainerRoad. This workout includes 3×9 over/under intervals (under @ 95-99% FTP, over @ 105-110% FTP), 6 minutes active recovery between intervals. I rode a metric on Thursday, and did a tough weight training workout with squats and lunges on Friday. My legs let me know early on that they were not happy, but I just ignored them (if they want autonomy they can get a damn job). Towards the end of the first interval my legs realized there was no point in protesting and got on board. Felt pretty good considering how tired my wheels are. I even managed to increase my average power on each successive interval (294/296/301 watts). Good workout, legs are off tomorrow.

Here’s the workout graph (click to enlarge), and you can check out the complete workout with all my data here.

My workout graph from "Sill".

My workout graph from “Sill”.


I did Workout #6, “Emerson”, on Monday. This one hurt. Here are my post-workout notes along with the workout description:

Today’s (Monday’s) 1.5 hour/28 mile workout was “Emerson” on TrainerRoad. This workout includes 5×10 minute over/under intervals (under @ 95% FTP / over @ 105% FTP), 5 minutes active recovery between intervals. This workout was similar to Saturday’s workout, “Sill”, but this was like the meaner and nastier big brother of Sill: workout time was 1.5 hours vs 1 hour, 10 minute intervals instead of 9 minute intervals, over intervals were two minutes long instead of 1 minute, recovery intervals were 5 minutes instead of 6 minutes… Good thing I was feeling scrappy! Exceeded target power on all intervals, actually increasing power as the workout went on (297/297/297/299/301 watts). Average heart rate during the five intervals was 164/166/165/166/168 BPM. Tough dude, but Emerson got his ass kicked today.

Here’s the workout graph (click to enlarge), and you can check out the complete workout with all my data here.

My workout graph from "Emerson".

My workout graph from “Emerson”.


So here comes week #3 (workouts 7, 8 and 9). This is going to be a very tough week:

Big week! We’re going to delve into some of the more entertaining (read: creatively painful) workouts. Both weekday workouts target the aerobic system, but each goes about it in a somewhat unusual way. Then, the weekend affords you your first opportunity to match your fitness against any number of other riders via TrainerRoad’s online racing!

The workout I’ll be doing today is called “Tyndall“, and it’s going to suck: 4×8 minute sets of 15 seconds @ 150% FTP / 15 seconds @ 50% FTP. 6 minute active recovery intervals between sets.

Moving on to another subject. Vacation announcement: With the completion of a major project at work, I could use some time off. I’ll be taking a week off from work and blogging starting this Saturday. My usual daily blog will return on Monday July 1, 2013.

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  1. Have an awesome vacation John! Try not to lose too much fitness (but you’ll probably end up riding / lifting way more than usual anyway…hehe).

    I myself will be kicking off the start of summer with the annual Tour de Waterloo 130km chip-timed Fondo.

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