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7 in 10 Americans are on prescription meds. Here’s my take.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 by  
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I feel so much better now.

I feel so much better now.

This morning I was catching up on the news when I came across an article that I found disturbing, but–sadly–not at all shocking. The article focused on a new Mayo Clinic study that found 70% of Americans are taking prescription drugs. One in five Americans are on at least FIVE prescription medications.

That’s ridiculous.

Topping the list of prescribed medications are antibiotics, antidepressants and opioids (painkillers).

As I said in the opening sentence, I am not shocked by the findings of this study. A few years before my transformation (the late 1990s), I went to the doctor with a laundry list of complaints: heart burn, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, IBS… you name it. If you want to read more about my pre-transformation lifestyle and health problems, check out the About Me article.

My doctor at the time (he is no longer my doctor), was entirely uninterested in examining the actual causes behind the extensive list of health issues from which I suffered. I remember when I left his office I had a virtual grab bag of prescription medication samples. Everything from antidepressants to heartburn medication to sleeping pills and more.

But, and this is the saddest part of the story, most Americans seem unwilling to change. They want to eat whatever they want, whenever they want it. They’d rather watch five hours of television every day than take the time to exercise. We getting fatter and lazier, and we’re losing our minds in the process.

Human beings are not meant to live the way many of us are choosing to live right now. It’s literally driving us insane.

So here, take these. You’ll feel better.

Wrong answer. Not always, of course–I highly value science and medicine when properly administered. But this is ridiculous.

Those medications that my drug-pushing doctor gave me back in the late 1990s? I didn’t need them. All I needed to do was to start living a healthier lifestyle. Once I started eating properly and exercising every single health problem I had went away. Every single one.

I’m almost 45 years old, in great health and I take no prescription medications. I can say these things only because I decided to take charge of my health. If I’d continued to live the lifestyle I was living and chose to follow my doctor’s plan of medicating my way to “better health”, I guarantee I’d either be dead or suffering from countless life-altering health problems right now.

Stop making excuses. Stop eating and drinking so much crap, it’s killing you. Put down the remote, go exercise. You are in charge of you.

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6 Responses to “7 in 10 Americans are on prescription meds. Here’s my take.”
  1. there is exceptions tho, my schizophrenia makes it hard for me to diet and train. but my sobriety is making me stronger by the day. one day i’ll be 200 pounds and 8%bf (my goals). i just have to be patient and do what i can for now.

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  2. I have a similar story. When I was pushing 240 lbs, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, & was being tested for sleep apnea. My doctor (who is no longer my doctor now) had me taking multiple meds for the high BP, several different high cholesterol drugs, and one for the acid reflux. My BP wasn’t getting any lower, my cholesterol was actually getting higher (Triglycerides approaching 500). The doctor only told me I needed to lose some weight but never gave me any methods or set me up with a nutritionist (which my insurance would have covered). I became frustrated that my my BP & cholesterol weren’t changing and the doc just wanted to add more drugs. So I hit the internet. I found an article that showed some info that combining two BP drugs (two which I was taking) could actually cause your liver to produce more cholesterol. I printed it and brought it to my Dr., he said he didn’t believe it and told me that if I didn’t take the combination of drugs, I would likely have a heart attack in the near future. That was the last time I saw that Dr. About the same time my wife had just started seeing a new Dr. who had a PA that found a lump on her thyroid (turned out ok), I went and saw him and told him everything. He took me off the the BP meds and put me on a single med that did the trick. He also gave me a start on how to lose weight that got me rolling. My high cholesterol went down soon after I stopped taking the med cocktail the previous doc had me on. Now (with a ton of help from this site), I hover right around 170 lbs/6% BF. My high BP, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea are gone. I feel like a million bucks. The only med I take is meloxicam for my arthritic wrist and neck. If there were a way to get off that and be pain free, I would do it.

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    • There is no better testament to the facts that hard work and dedication pay off than your story. You went from ^^ that ^^ to destroying CAT 2 XC races (plus more). You rock, Craig. Great job, and thanks for posting your story here.

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  3. Good points John, but in your doctor’s defense — I imagine that many doctors do suggest diet and exercise as a means to stave off ill health, but the compliance rate is likely somewhere near zero. They probably learn this pretty quickly, give up, and just dole out pills instead. In actuality … if he can get blood pressure under control for 50% of people by prescribing pills, or 1% by recommending exercise and diet …. he probably does better (sadly) for people health-wise by going with pills rather than recommending diet and exercise.

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    • I mostly agree with your post, and I did place the blame squarely on the individual in my article (several times, in fact).

      I do, however, place some of the blame on doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. There’s no question in my mind that doctors are quick to whip out their prescription pads simply because it’s easy and profitable.

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