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Your first look at the upcoming X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 by  
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This morning I’ve got a long-awaited update on the upcoming X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym! I have remained in constant contact with the manufacturer during the entire 3+ year development process, and so I am very much aware of the extraordinary hurdles that have been overcome during that time.

While the delays in bringing the X9 Evolution to market have been frustrating for some of you (believe me, I’m as anxious as anyone to get one of these in my home gym!), I applaud the manufacturer for refusing to put the X9 on the market until they feel it is ready.

The X9 is a real product. I’ve seen videos of it in action, I’ve seen pictures of it, I’ve seen detailed lists of features and options and I’ve participated in the development process by giving my own feedback and suggestions. Obviously I can not comment on the actual machine until I have one, but some of its features are truly revolutionary and unlike anything ever seen in a home gym. The wait, I believe, will be worth it.

You can expect much more information to be released in the coming weeks. We’re getting close!

Here’s a word from the manufacturer/developer of the X9 Evolution, and your first look at the X9! If you have any questions, please post them on the forum in this thread. Also, click that link for a couple more images and detailed information about the dimensions and space requirements of the X9.

So, as promised, today we are making a couple images available so you can finally get an idea of what the X9 looks like. In the weeks leading up to John receiving an X9 for testing we will also release some video to give you a better idea of the full functions of the X9.

The basis of the X9 project has been to create a premium gym system that you can tailor-make to your budget and needs. A system that will grow with you for years to come and a product that is robust enough to be used by more than one generation of family. It is a great gym for athletes and those looking to tone up alike. Because it offers so many possible exercises (which we will be discussing more leading up to the official launch) you will never get bored. This is a key point because other products tend to cause plateaus in your training cycle due to lack of features or muscle memory.

We cover all the basics (free weights, a cable suite, pec deck), as well as some unique exercises, when combined, that you will not find on any competing machine. Many people have heard of Functional Training machines by now. We like to categorize the X9 as an Ultra Functional Trainer (UFT) because it goes well beyond what standard FT’s can do. Truly, you can do the majority of the exercises found in the commercial gym all with one machine in a relatively small footprint. The Official name will now be called the X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym (Evolution because it can evolve with you and your family, fire department, personal training clients, etc).

So let’s take a look at a couple images that show the X9 with a handful of available options. We will show more options leading up to our official roll out.

I am also happy to report Brian Butler, the person you may recall as co-owner of the firm that provided US distribution of my current home gym, The Titan, is part of the X9 design team. After a sabbatical post-Titan, he brings his expertise to “build a better mousetrap” in the X9. That gives me even more confidence this will be an exceptional product.

Click any image to enlarge.

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Quarter View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Quarter View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Front View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Front View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Side View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Side View

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Your first look at the upcoming X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym!”
  1. Finally!

    I have been following this blog for as long as it’s been up (ten years, maybe), and I have been periodically checking the thread on this new equipment since it was first announced.

    I move constantly (the wife and I average a move every six months, due to her job), so I finally sold my old Powertec rack during this latest move. I’ll be very interested in seeing the final product, and I’m extremely pleased to see that they offer options to tailor-make a rack, and that it boasts a small footprint.

    I’ve been searching, in vain, for a combination Power Rack/Functional Trainer for a long time now, and I hope this is finally going to be the piece of equipment I have been looking for. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

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