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Made it through yesterday in Zombie Mode; Simmons slaying in the sandbox.

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Everyone is feeling a little better this morning, thank goodness. Yesterday was pretty rough!

zombie-silhouetteLoki’s stomach finally settled down, and since he still doesn’t have a job he got to catch up on his sleep all day yesterday. Lisa and I both worked all day, and felt like a couple of zombies. Lack of sleep really affects me, and I was barely functional.

As tired as I was, forced myself to get outside before work and do a short 28 kilometer bike ride at a moderate ~32 km/h pace. The exercise provided me with a brief boost in energy, but by mid-day I was dragging my butt again.

Yesterday afternoon I received a group text message: a bunch of friends were meeting up at Paisley MTB trails for a 7:00 PM loop. I really wanted to ride, but I was so tired I knew there was no way and declined.

When Mike and I rode at Paisley a little over a week ago I rode a new PR and (at the time) KOM on the ~18 mile clockwise loop with a time of 1:24:51. Mike was locked and loaded last night, and rode a time of 1:24:30! You got me, Mike–great job, and phenomenal effort!

So last night about the time my friends were finishing up their rides in the sandbox, I was already snug in bed and drifting off. Loki let me sleep through the night, and I manged to get about 9.5 hours badly needed rest. I’m feeling much better this morning!

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