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Pulled a muscle in my back yesterday while moving a chair.

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I’m having somewhat of a rough week thus far!

Back in mid-2008 (a few months after Lisa and I moved into our new home), I completed construction of our home theater. The custom theater seating I ordered was expected to take 8-10 weeks, and so I ordered a couple of 5′ Cozy Sac bean bag chairs as temporary seating. Well, the custom theater seating actually arrived much quicker than we expected, and so I shoved the two nearly new bean bag chairs into a large walk-in closet. They’ve remained there, unused, ever since.

This bean bag chair tried to kill me. Human not included with purchase.

This bean bag chair tried to kill me. Human not included with purchase.

A neighbor mentioned that she would love to have a couple of bean bag chairs for her home theater, and so we struck a deal. I agreed to bring the chairs to her home, and transport them to her theater, which is on the second floor.

These bean bag chairs are not terribly heavy–about 55 pounds each–but they are huge (much larger than you might expect), and unwieldy. Just getting them back out of the closet, down my stairs and into my truck was a chore.

While I was wresting with the second chair in my closet, I somehow twisted my back and pulled a muscle. At the time it was just a twinge, and I didn’t think too much of it…

A short time later I arrived at my neighbor’s home, and while I was carrying these monsters up her stairs I could tell that my back was a little worse off than I originally thought. The area affected is my lower back, just to the right of my spine. It’s the same place that I sometimes experience flank pain.

Anyway, this morning my lower back is not feeling too great. It’s just a pulled muscle, and I’m sure it will be fine in a few days, but for now it’s definitely affecting everything I do. There’s no way I could mountain bike right now, or lift weights.

I may try to do a quick road ride this morning and see how things go. If the pain seems to be worse when I’m riding I’ll stop.

Oh well, we have some bonus closet space now! 🙂

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