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Taking a couple days off; Training plans for Black Bear Rampage

Saturday, July 20, 2013 by  
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I’ve only ridden three times this week, and my total mileage is under 100 kilometers. I’ve been feeling “off” all week long: my heart rate on this week’s rides have been much higher than usual, and overall just felt like I’ve had to work much harder than usual to maintain my normal training speed.

I think the heat exhaustion I suffered on last Saturday’s ~62 kilometer mountain bike ride must be the cause. The only other time I’ve suffered from heat exhaustion was a couple years ago (on a long, hot mountain bike ride), and I recall my heart rate was higher than usual and I was also very sensitive to heat for a time. I don’t recall how long those issues lasted, but I do remember those two things are common aftereffects of heat exhaustion.

I’m taking the weekend off from riding, outdoor activities and exercise. This is a great weekend to do it, because Lisa’s birthday is today (Happy Birthday!) and we’ve got family coming to stay with us all weekend long.

This is "Sugarloaf Mountain". Average grade is about 8.5%, maximum grade is around 17%. It may be short, but that's what repeats are for!

This is “Sugarloaf Mountain”. Average grade is about 8.5%, maximum grade is around 17%. It may be short, but that’s what repeats are for!

I think a couple days of rest are going to do me a lot of good. Next week I’ll resume my training, and I’m going to be working very hard: the Black Bear Rampage mountain bike race is right around the corner! The Rampage is in Tennessee, and the terrain will be unlike anything I’ve ridden before. It’s a 40 mile race, and includes about 4,000 feet of climbing.

As part of my training I’ll be doing lots of hill repeats on the road bike; in fact, next week Mike and I are planning to do Sugarloaf Mountain repeats. A well-known local rider, Dale Serge, just did 25 Sugarloaf repeats without stopping. That’s more than 5,000 of climbing over 30 miles–not bad for Florida, huh?! I don’t know if I can pull off 25 repeats, but I am going to try. Very inspiring performance, Dale!

On the mountain bike side I’ll be doing lots of laps on the local Helter Skelter trail (Mike did 10 Helter Skelter laps yesterday in the broiling heat–awesome job, Mike!), which includes some very tough grunt climbs. I also want to hit all the Red (advanced) trails at Santos a few times, which will make for good bike handling/technical drills.

Of course I’ll be continuing my training plan on TrainerRoad, as well as doing some longer moderate paced training rides on the road bike for saddle time.

Yeah, a couple days off before I start all that is not a bad idea at all. This is going to be a pretty tough bit of training!

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