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Ever feel guilty for taking a couple days off from training?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by  
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It’s interesting how just a couple of days off from exercise while eating a sloppy diet can mess with the mind. Yesterday when I loaded up my TrainerRoad workout and saddled up I felt sluggish, and was visibly bloated from my piss-poor weekend diet.

As I looked at the difficult workout displayed on the computer screen my first thought was, “I’m never going to make it through this, I feel totally out of shape!”

I realize how silly that sounds. Logically there was no question that taking a couple of days to rest was a smart and beneficial choice (my poor diet, not so much), but that logic was overshadowed by the part of me that feels compelled to never stop working. As I sat there getting ready to train it dawned on me that what I was feeling was guilt.

My workout graph: "Joe Devel".

My workout graph: “Joe Devel”.

I was feeling guilt for taking two days off from training? That’s ridiculous.

I started the workout, and sure enough after the warm-up and clearing efforts I realized I was feeling pretty good–better than I felt all last week, that’s for sure!

Here are my post workout notes, which include details of the workout structure:

Today’s 60 minute/17.4 mile workout was “Joe Devel” on TrainerRoad. This workout includes 4 Sets of 6-12 Power Repeats ranging from 120% to 150% FTP (353-441 watts) with brief 15-second active recoveries between repeats. Pretty tough workout, but I felt solid once I settled in. Taking the weekend off and resting was definitely the right move, felt like myself again today.”

You can check out the entire ride with all data here.

I don’t have much time to ride today, so I’m leaning towards doing the next indoor workout in my current training plan. I’m also still working on dialing in my saddle adjustment, and it’s easy to do that when the bike is mounted in the trainer. Even though I don’t have the saddle perfectly adjusted yet, so far I am really liking the Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow. After yesterday’s indoor workout there was no numbness or discomfort, so that’s a great sign. The jury will remain out until I do at least a 60 mile ride, however.

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One Response to “Ever feel guilty for taking a couple days off from training?”
  1. It is the same dance every year for me. Winter ends, and so end the 5 months of elliptical and jogging only as I switch commuting to work on the bike, running 7km at lunch and pulling a 20km time trial home every day. This is all done in earnest to ramp up for the vicious, competitive weekly club rides. They are merciless, pain filled rides chocked full of breaks, sprints, punchy climbs and chasing. Riding home after one of these is an exercise in just pushing your legs after a complete bonk.

    AND if I miss a single day of training, all I can think about is how much of a step I’ve lost on my club mates and what am I going to do to catch up.

    And I love every minute of it…

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