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Another excellent workout yesterday; Something different for tomorrow.

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Bike Torture Chamber after yesterday's workout. I think I have the new saddle dialed in now, felt very comfortable.

Bike Torture Chamber after yesterday’s workout. I think I have the new saddle dialed in now, felt very comfortable.

Yesterday I decided to do the next TrainerRoad workout in my current training plan, Intermediate Build I.

For the second day in a row, I felt great on the bike! I not only enjoyed the two days I took off from training this past weekend, that bit of rest made all the difference. Sometimes it’s hard to take a day or two off because it feels like a step backwards, but if your body is telling you to rest it’s best to listen. Note that your body crying out for a break is not the same as your mind talking you out of a workout because you’d rather watch TV or whatever. 🙂

The workout I did yesterday is called “Deerhorn”. Here are my post-ride notes:

“Today’s 60 minute/19.2 mile workout was ‘Deerhorn’ on TrainerRoad. This workout consists of 2 sets of 4×5 minute over/under intervals (also called ‘Criss-Cross’ intervals) @ 95-99% FTP in the valleys and 105-110% FTP during peaks. Just one minute rest between intervals. This was a fairly challenging workout, but I felt super strong the whole way. Great workout.”

Here’s the workout graph (click to enlarge):

My workout chart: "Deerhorn"

My workout chart: “Deerhorn”


I actually got stronger as the workout wore on. The target average watts for each working interval was 280 watts, and the average watts I actually put down for each of the eight intervals was 286/288/287/289/288/289/289/309 watts. You can check out the complete workout with all data here.

I’m going to get a light ride in today, as tomorrow’s training will be something quite different from the norm, and especially tough. I’ll let you all know how it goes in Friday’s blog…

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