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Monday, July 29, 2013 by  
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I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I can’t say mine was much fun, but it was extremely productive! I was pretty much tied to the house all weekend, and so I used that as an opportunity to do a bunch of cleaning and projects around the house. I got the entire house cleaned, the carpets steam cleaned, did a bunch of pond maintenance and a tackled a few other miscellaneous things that needed to be done.

On Saturday I did a pretty tough 1.5 hour/41 kilometer cycling workout on the fluid trainer called “Acrodectes”. This was essentially a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Here are my post-workout notes:

"Acrodectes": my workout data.

“Acrodectes”: my workout data.

Today’s 1.5 hour/25.4 mile workout was “Acrodectes” workout on TrainerRoad. This workout was a straight up HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, and a very painful one. The workout consists of 3×15 minute sets of 1 minute well above FTP/1 minute active recovery. The first set was @ 120% FTP (353 watts), and it was challenging. The second set took me deep into the pain cave with 8 minutes spent at more than 130% FTP (382 watts). I thought my heart was going to explode during this set. The final set was @ 115% FTP (338 watts). My heart spent 29.7% of this workout @ VO2 MAX, and 23.3% @ Threshold. Tough one!

Over the past 10 years I’ve done many different styles of HIIT workouts. Up until I really started getting into cycling, all of the “intense” intervals in those workouts were based on perceived exertion. Once I started doing wattage-based cardio/cycling workouts, that changed everything.

The thing about perceived exertion is it’s obviously highly subjective. I’ve talked many times about how oftentimes our bodies are not the limiting factor–it’s our minds. How many times have you completed a workout and thought, “Man, I gave those intervals everything I had!”

Did you? How do you know that?

With wattage-based targets, the ambiguity of how hard we think we’re working is removed. What’s left is the cold, hard truth: you either held (or exceeded) the target wattage for the required time, or you didn’t. Check out my article on Coggan’s power-based training if you want to learn more.

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