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Feeling a little beat up; Eye doctor yesterday, trying new lenses.

Friday, August 2, 2013 by  
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I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the past couple of days. I’m not sure if all the stress from the first part of the week is the sole cause, or if perhaps Lisa brought something home from work (she has been feeling a little off, too). Might be a combination of the two.

My, what big pupils you have!

My, what big pupils you have!

I decided not to train or ride yesterday, and that was an easy choice to make because I was feeling really run down. Also, yesterday morning I went for my yearly eye exam, and the doctor dilated my pupils for the glaucoma test. I really hate having my pupils dilated! For almost the entire rest of the day I was ultra-sensitive to light, everything looked like it had a blue halo around it (especially dark colors), and I could not read anything up close.

This morning, of course, my vision is back to normal. I’m near-sighted, which means I see fine up close, but far away things are blurry. My contact lens prescription changed yesterday for the first time in more than 15 years. The change was nothing major, just a slightly more powerful left lens (if you’re curious it’s -2.75 left, -2.25 right). Up until yesterday both of my eyes took the same -2.25 lens, and so I’ve become spoiled not having to pay attention to which lens went into which eye. I’m also trying out a new brand and type of contact lens, daily disposables. They are more expensive lenses than the type I’ve always used (which are taken out every night and put in cleaning solution), but they are super comfortable. It’s also nice to not have to mess with cleaning solutions anymore: you toss the lenses each night before bed, and put in a fresh pair in the morning. I’m going to try these for a few months and see if the added expense is worth it. I’ve had problems with my eyes drying out when cycling, so it will be interesting to see if these new lenses are less susceptible to that.

Well, Mike and I were supposed to go to Sugarloaf Mountain this morning and do 20 repeats, but I bailed on him. I’m still not feeling great, and I don’t think doing a brutal workout like that would be too smart. Mike was cool with that, as I think he got a little over-zealous welcoming New Belgium to the Sunshine state last night. 🙂

I may do a light ride this morning just to get a gauge on how I’m feeling on the bike.

Happy Friday!

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7 Responses to “Feeling a little beat up; Eye doctor yesterday, trying new lenses.”
  1. John,
    FWIW, I use disposable lenses as well, but I keep them for about a month before tossing them. My eye doctor says it’s fine. I don’t have to clean them, either; I just put them in a case with an all-purpose solution each night, and they’re good to go in the morning.

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    • Hrm, did a little research and looks like the safety of doing that is no different than the lenses designed to be worn for 2 weeks (with nightly cleaning). Although a month is probably pushing it! I guess the only difference is the daily disposable lenses are a little more susceptible to tearing. I might try that, but only until I notice that they are less comfortable…

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      • I was near-sighted with lots of astigmatism which made contacts a nightmare for me. I had PRK done about ~6 years ago and couldn’t be happier about the results. My vision is better than 20/20 now and holding.

        I had some dry eye issues for about 4 months after the procedure, but that is to be expected because it is much more invasive than other procedures. I just had to make sure that I was consistently using drops (set phone timer for every hour) during the healing. If I got behind it would become a real problem. Since you’re just near-sighted you would most likely not have any issues.

        The benefits for me are felt daily and at this point just taken for granted.

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      • I see a lot of people happy with Lasik but I also see a guy my wife works with who had it done and his eyes are constantly red and dry. I would love to have it done, but it scares the crap out of me!

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  2. -7.5 in both eyes here. I’m near sighted too, as in about 3 inches from my face until printed words come into focus. I can’t read the big E, I can’t even see the black letters. All I see during the test is a light on the wall.

    Yep, good times.

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