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Another super painful TrainerRoad workout yesterday.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 by  
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My data from TrainerRoad's "Bradley" workout.

My data from TrainerRoad’s “Bradley” workout.

I was concerned that my badly bruised left quad might give me some problems, but yesterday I decided to do the next workout, “Bradley”, in my current TrainerRoad cycling training program.

My quad didn’t feel too bad once I got through the warm-up and initial clearing effort, so I was feeling confident when I hit the first working interval. That all changed after the first interval: I knew I was in for a war.

Here are my post workout notes, which include a description of the workout:

Today’s 60 minute/19.1 mile workout was “Bradley” on TrainerRoad. This workout contains 4×10 minute sets @ 95-99% FTP (currently 294), each with (4) 8-second anaerobic capacity tags @ 150-180% FTP. Man, I thought the last workout (“Guard”) was tough. I managed to exceed my target wattage on each interval, but I had to bury myself to do it: my heart rate was in the VO2 Max zone for 57.7% of the workout. My cardio still feels off. At least my bruised quad didn’t cramp!

Well, it’s true that my quad didn’t fully cramp, but during the second interval–right after the 2nd anaerobic capacity tag–my quad started to lock up on me. I eased up just for a second or two, and thankfully it was fine.

Midway through third interval I started wishing that my quad would cramp so I’d have an excuse to stop. 🙂 Seriously, I was on the rivet pretty much the entire second half of the workout. It took everything I had to complete it. You know you’re working hard when your heart rate falls to 170 BPM and that’s your “rest”.

Here is the entire workout with all data.

Not sure what today’s workout will be. I think I’m feeling another weight training workout.

Have a great day!

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