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First batch of PRs on the new Madone; Zipp 404s in the wind.

Monday, August 19, 2013 by  
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After yesterday's ride.

After yesterday’s ride.

I’m already feeling extremely comfortable on my new Madone, and I think I’m getting closer to the fitness level I enjoyed a couple weeks ago.

I had a good ride yesterday. It wasn’t a very long ride–just 44 kilometers–but I rode it hard. My average heart rate over my 1:21:37 riding time was 175 BPM. Pretty tough!

A lot of my times on the West Orange trail are dialed in, so I was happy to see that I set 3 new PRs on yesterday’s ride. I also came close to my best times on a few other segments.

The first PR came on the “mini climb, west bound” segment with a time of 3:41. That put me in 3rd overall (484 riders/1,849 rides).

The next PR was on the “WOC Uphill Climb” segment–31 seconds, placing 21st of 614 riders and 2,727 rides. Honestly I don’t even know exactly where this weird little .2 mile segment begins and ends.

The last PR was on the “Winter Garden East Climb” segment with a time of 1:23 (14th overall out of 552 riders and 2,028 rides).

I was gunning for the 13.2 mile segment “Apopka Vineland to Killarney” segment. I had my 3rd best time, but I also got very unlucky with some of the crossings. I lost a good 20 seconds or so at one crossing in particular, and there were several others where I had to slow way down. I’m still in 2nd place overall, and one minute behind my friend Harv, the current KOM. Harv managed an average speed of 22.4 MPH on this segment, which is awesome considering how many crossing there are. My best average solo speed on this 13.2 mile segment is just shy of 22 MPH, and that was a tough ride. Without the crossings it would easily be more like 23+ MPH.

I have the KOM on the “West Orange Trails Fastest Section” (1st of 586 riders/2,552 rides), but yesterday I was going to really hammer it to see if I could better my time on the new Madone with the Zipps. Unfortunately the trail had seen a fairly bad storm the night prior, and this entire segment was littered with broken branches and other hazards. I had to keep my speed in check in the interest of safety.

I also have the KOM on the “Last Dig to the Temple” segment (1st of 514 riders/2,169 rides), but I was feeling good at the end of my ride and decided to go for it. I had to shut it down quickly, as there was too much pedestrian traffic on the nice Sunday morning to safely ride all-out. This is a good one to hit on a weekday when traffic is lighter. The attempt would have been futile, anyway: the wind was against me and blowing hard.

Here’s the entire ride on Strava.

Speaking of wind, it really was a gusty morning. I was actually happy about this, because I was anxious to see how my 58mm deep Zipp 404s handled the strong gusts. I could certainly feel some of the stronger blasts of wind, but it’s not I was in danger of being blown off the road. I suspect a 140 pound rider might feel differently. I definitely would not want to be out there with anything deeper than the 404s, that’s for sure.

The only scary moment came when I was crossing a rain-soaked wooden bridge. The bridge was wet and super slick. While I was crossing the bridge I was hit by a huge gust of wind, and my bike started to slide out from under me. Thankfully I was able to recover, but that definitely spiked my heart rate!

OK, I’m off to grab a ride before work. Have a great Monday!

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  1. i try not to consciously go after any segments with crossings, which on my routes mean stoplights, intersections, etc. It’s just asking for trouble (or worse) with cars and yellow lights.

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