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Made some awesome homemade fajitas last night!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 by  
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Made some chicken fajitas last night!

Made some chicken fajitas last night!

Last night Lisa and I were both craving fajitas. Luckily I had some chicken breast defrosted and all the other stuff I needed to make them.

For the marinade I used a couple tablespoons of oil, some fresh chopped garlic, fresh chopped cilantro, cumin, fresh lime juice, chili powder, a little hot sauce, salt and fresh ground pepper. I cut the chicken breasts into strips, tossed them with the marinade and let that sit in the fridge for several hours.

I cooked the onions and bell peppers in a large iron skillet with a little oil, some salt and ground pepper. When I’m caramelizing onions I always add a dash of granulated sugar about halfway through the cooking process. The sugar helps enhance the natural sweetness of the onions, and it gives them a great color.

Normally I’d grill the chicken fajitas, but last night I decided to give the grill pan that came with our oven a try (it worked really well!)

I served everything on a sizzling platter (with a squirt of lime juice, of course) along with warm flour tortillas, warm corn tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo, Greek yogurt (I like this better than sour cream), guacamole and Cholula hot sauce. Of course a meal like this is not complete with out a Margarita, and so we enjoyed one (okay, two) of those with our meal.

That was a lot of salt, and so it’s no surprise that I am up FIVE pounds this morning. It was worth it. 🙂 Time for a hot and sweaty bike ride!

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