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The Black Bear cometh; What is a yurt?; Vacation announcement.

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The Black Bear Rampage MTB race is less than two weeks away, and I’m very excited about heading up to Tennessee to ride my mountain bike with some great friends! It’s not just the race I’m looking forward to: we’re going up early so we can relax and shred some of the other local trails. Of course we’ll be drinking plenty of tasty beer and chowing down on some excellent food, too. 🙂

One of the Ocoee Yurt Company's yurts.

One of the Ocoee Yurt Company’s yurts.

Something else I’m excited about is that we’re going to be staying in a yurt:

A Yurt is a portable structure much like those used by nomadic tribes in Mongolia over 2000 years ago. The domed, tent like structure sits upon a tongue and groove wood floor to create an efficient shelter that is environmentally friendly. Today’s Yurts are quite high tech. They are built to withstand 100mph winds. With bubble wrap insulation developed by NASA our Yurts provide warmth in the winter and a cool feel in the summer. Seams are electronically welded, which give the roof amazing strength and durability. Sturdy fir rafters and steel rivets support the cone shaped top which includes a skylight at the apex. This overhead view and abundant light give the Yurt an open airy feel. Our Yurts offer an experience close to nature, with all the comforts of home.

Here’s a cool video that has some rafting, mountain biking and a tour of a yurt. As an animal and nature lover, staying in a yurt sounds much more appealing to me than staying in a hotel.

I’ll be driving up with Mike, Rob and J.C., and we’ll all be staying together. Those guys have been to this area many times before, so they know all the best places to ride and eat. I think some of my other friends are going to be at the race, too (Paul, Daniel, Mark and Jim, are you guys all going?)

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a real vacation away from home. Between my job and the situation with Loki, traveling for any length of time has been almost impossible. Lisa was kind enough to sacrifice her time off to stay home with Loki. She’s got some good friends coming to stay with her, so she should have fun, too.

I’ll be taking two weeks off starting Saturday, August 31st through Sunday, September 15th. Daily updates to this blog will resume on Monday, September 16th. I expect to have lots of pictures and video of the trip when I return to blogging on the 16th, but if you can’t wait I’ll surely be posting updates to Facebook.

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