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Black Bear Rampage 2013 Weekend: Final thoughts.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 by  
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This is the sixth in a series of blogs in which I am documenting my 2013 Back Bear Rampage experience. Previous blogs in this series:

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Please note that this week’s blogs and videos contain content and language that some may find objectionable and/or offensive.

Wrapping things up….

The 2013 Black Bear Rampage!

The 2013 Black Bear Rampage!

I hope you all have enjoyed my detailed series of blogs documenting what was easily the most fun and exciting cycling-related experience of my life. I tried to provide as much information as humanly possible, but obviously not everything that happened made it in. Some stuff I simply forgot, and other things were, frankly, too lewd for publication.

Throughout the entire trip we often said, “That quote definitely has to be in the blog!” Too bad I can’t recall a single one of those quotes. I guess we drank a lot of beer between rides. I’m sure all of those impromptu one-liners were extremely funny at the time. It’s probably good that I can’t remember some of the things we said, because most of them were almost certainly vile.

And, getting right back to the subject of beer… yeah, we drank a lot of beer. And really good beer, too.

Towards the end of our trip I posed the question–somewhat rhetorically, and to no one in particular–“I wonder how many beers we consumed between the six of us?”

Rob, without hesitation, provided the correct answer: “I believe the technical term is ‘A Shitload’.”

As for my diet… come on? Did you read the past five blogs? It was garbage. Arby’s, buffalo wings, pizza, fajitas, corn chips, cheeseburgers, garlic bread, french fries, pasta with meat sauce, enchiladas…

The healthiest thing I ate during this trip was a multivitamin.

So, I consumed a ridiculous quantity of beer, and ate nothing but junk food. The morning after I returned from the trip (a Tuesday) I weighed myself for the first time since the morning I left (the previous Thursday). I expected to be up 10 pounds. When I saw my actual weight gain I was shocked: +0.2 pounds.

You read that right. Two tenths of a pound.

Over the five day period during which I ate all that crap and drank all that beer I also mountain biked 83.5 miles and climbed 7,028 feet. That was about 10 hours of hard mountain biking, and over that 10 hours my average heart rate was around 160 BPM.

So, throw away your diet plans. Stop counting calories. Macros-schmacros! I just gave you the holy grail, baby. You’re welcome.

I’m kidding, of course. The diet I consumed while I was on vacation is fine on occasion, but I would be miserable eating like that every day. I am, however, genuinely surprised that I didn’t gain any weight, not even water weight.

Some of you may be wondering why I rode so much in the days before the race, ate a piss-poor diet and consumed so much alcohol. It’s a fair question, and the answer is simple. This trip was not so much about the Black Bear Rampage race as it was about getting away from it all with great friends, riding our mountain bikes on some awesome trails, eating delicious food, drinking incredible beer and having insane amounts of fun. Mission accomplished, and I wouldn’t change one damn thing. Placing as high as I did in my very first mountain bike race was just icing on the cake. I wouldn’t have traded anything I did on this trip for a 1st place finish, and I really mean that.

This adventure did me a lot of good. As most of you know, I’m slightly Type A. 🙂 I’m cool with that, by the way–being a Type A has its pluses and minuses (and the reverse is obviously true). Also, I’ve not had a real vacation in five years. Hanging around with Rob, J.C., Mike, Steve and Joe in such a relaxed environment definitely tempered my natural Type A tendencies. I’m still, and probably always will be, Type A… but when I got back from this trip I felt different, and for the better.

During this vacation I rode some of the most amazing, challenging and flat-out fun trails I’ve ever been on. Of course I was constantly surrounded by fellow mountain bikers, many of whom are more experienced and more skilled than I. All of these things inspired me, and I rode better than I ever have in my life. That’s not a brag; it’s a testament to the quality of the trails I was on, and the riders I was with.

Rob, Mike, J.C., Steve and Joe: thanks to each and every one of you for making what would have been a good trip great. I can’t wait to do it again.

…and that’s a wrap.

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