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Sore muscles; Past few road rides; Upcoming Century rides and road race.

Monday, September 23, 2013 by  
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After nearly three weeks without lifting, Friday’s weight training workout felt great! As expected, my muscles are super sore right now. In fact, I’m probably as sore as I’ve ever been before.

Yesterday right after my morning ride I installed a new over-the-range microwave oven, and moving that beast around and positioning it on the wall mounting bracket was not fun with my muscles as sore as they are.

New microwave? Yep. Our expensive GE Profile microwave, which we purchased when we had our new home built less than five years ago, already blew its magnetron. Even though the magnetron was still covered under the 5-year warranty, between the service call charge and the labor charges the cost would have been about the same as simply buying a brand new microwave. So I bought a new one. Remember when major appliances were built to last? Grumble.

Sorry, I’m getting off point…

I did a 81 kilometer (50.5 mile) WMBC group ride on Saturday. The ride was a lot of fun, and the pace was a very social ~30 km/h (18.5 MPH).

I enjoyed the light pace of Saturday’s ride, but yesterday morning I was in the mood to scratch the speed itch. I did a ~33 kilometer solo ride in a light rain, and managed to beat my best average speed for this particular route: 33.861 km/h (21.04 MPH). This route has a lot of turns (made slower due to the rain) and several places where I have to do a complete turn around, so keeping my average speed that high–especially riding solo–is tough. My average heart rate yesterday was 171 BPM, which is 1 BPM less than it was when I set my previous best average speed of 33.732 km/h (20.96) MPH on the same route. Nice. The light rain felt great as I rode. It amazing what a difference not being hot makes to my riding. I can’t wait for the cooler weather!

A week ago I did a fairly long 136 kilometer (84 mile) group ride with the Crazies. The pace on that ride was a little quicker than it was on this past Saturday’s ride: 32.3 km/h (20.1 MPH). That pace actually felt really easy to me, and that’s a good sign that my training is moving in the right direction. My average heart rate on that 4+ hour ride was just 142 BPM, and that’s an extremely comfortable heart rate for me. I’ve done plenty of 4+ hour rides with my average heart rate in the upper 160s, so 142 BPM feels like a walk in the park by comparison.


I’m feeling good about the fact that my average speeds are climbing and I’m hurting less to get there. This is especially true because over the next few months I’ve got several 161 kilometer (100 mile) rides on my schedule, and a road race in Miami that I’m really stoked about.

The race in Miami is the Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia, and there are several course options: 25, 54 and 100 miles. This will be my first road race, and I am actually strongly considering doing the medium (54 mile) course instead of the century. The 54 mile option would allow me to hammer the entire distance with no SAG stops, and that idea appeals to me for my first road race. There are going to be extremely strong and experienced riders at that race, including some pros. Regardless of the course I choose, it will be a real test of my abilities. Can’t wait!

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