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Back in the pain cave…

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by  
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I’m planning to purchase a dedicated bike for my indoor fluid trainer, and I’ve had my eyes peeled for deals. Obviously I don’t need anything fancy or lightweight (in fact, the heavier and tougher the better), and I definitely don’t want to spend much money. I already have a trainer wheelset, cassette, tires and tubes, so all I really need is the frame (size 56 or 58 would work) and components. While not a strict requirement, I would prefer that my trainer bike have the same crankset (50/34) as my Madone.

Anyway, until I find a dedicated bike for my trainer I’m going to have to use my new Madone in my Bike Torture Chamber.

I took a month off from my current TrainerRoad training plan after I got the 2013 Madone. There were a couple of reasons for that: I wanted to ride the new bike outside as much as possible, and I was out of town at the Black Bear Rampage MTB race.

So yesterday it was pouring down rain, and I only had 1 hour to train. I reluctantly removed the Madone’s Zipp 404 Firecrest rear wheel, and replaced it with the trainer wheel.

Picking up where I left off, the next workout in the training plan I’m following is “McAdie”. Unfortunately this workout is 1.5 hours in length, and I simply didn’t have two hours to spare (1.5 hours + shower + food). I didn’t want to skip the workout, so I decided to do it and eliminate one 12-minute interval and a little cool down/rest.

Here’s the workout information:

Today’s 1h7m/20.7 mile workout was “McAdie” on TrainerRoad. I only had an hour to train today, but I didn’t want to skip this workout, so I had to cut one interval. This workout includes 4x12min intervals spent slightly above or slightly below FTP (currently 294); 6 min active recovery between intervals.

Here’s my workout data graph (click to enlarge):

My workout graph from McAdie” on TrainerRoad.

My workout graph from McAdie” on TrainerRoad.

This workout was certainly uncomfortable, but I didn’t have to completely bury myself to exceed the target wattages. My average heart rate was up to 169 BPM during the third 12-minute working interval, and it hit 175 BPM towards the very end of the final interval.

An average heart rate of 169 BPM is something that I can sustain for quite a long time when I’m riding outside. That’s not to say that 169 BPM for 3 hours is pleasant, but I can do it. It’s an interesting phenomenon that 169 BPM hurts much more when I’m on the indoor trainer. I’m not entirely sure why that is. Maybe being outside just distracts me from the pain?

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