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Good workout Friday, off day Sunday.

Monday, October 7, 2013 by  
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Friday’s cycling workout was “Genevra” on TrainerRoad. It was a fairly challenging workout, but I felt very solid and strong (more on that below).

I took Saturday off from training, and yesterday I only had time for a quick one hour ride. I did a road ride on my mountain bike, and felt way off my game. My average speed was 18.5 MPH, which is not too bad for being on a mountain bike with fat, slow-rolling knobby tires (and riding solo), but my average heart rate was about 10 BPM higher than usual. I’m not sure what that was about. I hope it was just an off day.

If my replacement Zipp wheel does not arrive by Friday, I guess I’m going to have to ride the Mount Dora Bike Festival 100 mile ride on my ultra-cheap and extremely heavy indoor fluid trainer wheels. Those things are boat anchors, but they’re better than nothing. Still, I’m not looking forward to doing a century on them.

Getting back to Friday’s workout, “Genevra” on TrainerRoad…

I had to force myself to do the workout. I was not in the mood to train, but I knew that a good workout was just what I needed to help with the work stress that I was feeling. As is almost always the case, I was very happy that I forced myself to train. Here are my post-ride notes and the workout description (full workout data can be found here):

“Today’s 60 minute/18.2 mile workout was “Genevra” on TrainerRoad. This workout includes 2 sets of 3×5 minute intervals near FTP (currently 294). Each interval starts with a 12 second sprint at 150% FTP (441 watts), and the final interval in each set concludes with a 30-second climb back up up to 441 watts. 1 minute active recovery between intervals. I felt very good again today, but my legs definitely reminded me of yesterday’s squat-centric weight training workout throughout the entire ride–particularly during the final set. Exceeded target average watts on each interval, actually growing stronger as each set progressed. Set 1: 294/296/302 (targets 284/284/291). Set 2: 294/294/314 (targets 284/284/291).”

My workout data from

My workout data from “Genevra” on TrainerRoad.


Today is going to be busy, but I’m going to try to do the next workout in the series. This workout is 1.5 hours, and it looks pretty tough. After this workout, I’m scheduled to re-test my FTP. My current FTP is 294, and I would love to see it 300+. I may wait until a few days after the century ride this weekend to do the FTP test.

Daunting work load today, better stop hiding in my blog and get back to it…

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