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Tough workout, exploding tube; Zipp wheel likely a no-show for my century.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 by  
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The 1.5 hour TrainerRoad workouts are always tough but, like I said in yesterday’s blog, a tough workout is just what the doctor ordered. Good thing I was looking for a challenge, because TrainerRoad definitely delivered yesterday.

I feel like I’ve lost some fitness for some reason. My heart rate was higher than it should have been during the threshold efforts, and those efforts hurt more than they should have. Threshold efforts are uncomfortable and require focus, but my heart rate was in the upper 160s and even lower 170s during most of the nine 4-minute intervals. That said, those nine intervals were tightly spaced with little recovery time, and even the recoveries between intervals were at higher target watts than usual. Also, three of the intervals (the last in each of the three sets) were above FTP: target of 309 watts, my average was 315 watts.

TrainerRoad owes me a new tube!

TrainerRoad owes me a new tube!

I met or exceeded all target watts on all of the intervals. Oh, except one. I had a mechanical: my rear tube blew apart on the 9th working interval! I guess the heat was too much for it. I jumped off the bike, quickly changed the tube out and resumed my workout.

Here are my post-ride notes, the compete workout description and my workout graph (click to enlarge). Complete workout data can be found here.

“Today’s 1.5 hour/27.6 mile workout was “Winchell” on TrainerRoad. The first hour of this workout consists of 3 sets of 3×4 minute intervals at 95% (279 watts), 100% (294 watts) and 105% (309 watts) FTP. Then, after that, there are 3 sets of 5×45 second sprints ranging from 353 to 397 watts, with just 19 seconds active recovery between intervals. The first hour of this workout alone would have been tough, the sprints during the final 30 minutes were just plain evil. You know you’re in trouble when you’re starting a sprint with your heart rate already at 184 BPM. Just as I was starting the 9th 4-minute interval (105% FTP), the rear tube blew apart. Too much heat, I guess! 🙂 I changed it so fast that my heart rate barely dropped and got right back to the workout. By the time I got to the sprints I was wishing that I’d milked the mechanical a little longer. This one really hurt.”

My workout data from

My workout data from “Winchell” on TrainerRoad.


This was a tough workout. My 90-minute average wattage output was 235 watts, which is just short of my current 90-minute PR of 239 watts. My current 90-minute wattage PR was set during the absolutely sick “8 Days in California” Queen stage (my workout data for that stage is here), which is one of the hardest cycling workouts I’ve ever done. Of course when I rode that stage my FTP was only 270, so the 8DC Queen stage is definitely a good bit harder than what I did yesterday. If I rode that stage now with my current FTP of 294, I would demolish my current 90-minute PR (or die trying), theoretically with a 90-minute average output of 260 watts.

So it looks like my Zipp wheel is not going to be here by this weekend’s 100 mile ride (chances are less than 1%). I’ve gone ahead and removed my trainer tire from my cheap Aeromax rear wheel, and replaced it with my road tire. The Aeromax wheel looks ridiculous mounted on the same bike as a front Zipp 404 Firecrest, but whatever. At least I can ride this weekend.

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