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Picked up some new gloves; Mount Dora Bike Festival starts today!

Friday, October 11, 2013 by  
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I discovered another casualty of The Wreck: my awesome Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Gloves. 🙁 There’s a big hole in the palm, which is surprising because I didn’t even think my palm hit the ground when I fell. I guess it did, because the other glove shows no signs of wear in that same location.

I went to order another pair, but they are out of stock in size “Large” on Amazon. I have a couple other pairs of gloves, but they are not padded enough for a 100 mile ride.

I really like my Louis Garneau 12c gloves (and will buy another pair or two when they are back in stock), so I decided to stick with that brand. I ordered the Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves, and they came in yesterday. The Mondo gloves are very light, and they feel like they will breathe extremely well. The gel padding seems ample, and well-placed. I hope they are as comfortable as they seem to be.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves - Top

Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves – Top

Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves - Palm

Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves – Palm


Yesterday’s ride went extremely well. Despite the temporary Aeromax rear wheel, which is very heavy, I came pretty close to my solo average speed PR for this 20.5 mile route, turning an average speed of 20.55 MPH (my PR is 21.04 MPH). I was even fighting the wind at points, so I’m pretty happy with that ride.

The 39th annual Mount Dora Bike Festival starts today! Unfortunately I have to work today and won’t be able to attend any of the fun rides, but I’ll be there tomorrow morning for the 100 mile ride. There are rides for all levels of experience and fitness, so grab the family and your bikes and come join us!

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