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Still feeling less than 100%; Replacement Zipp arrived; I am a bonehead.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 by  
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Yesterday morning I did a 20.5 mile ride with an average speed of 20.2 MPH and an average heart rate of 173 BPM. That’s a very high heart rate for such a relatively low speed on the route I did. My personal record average speed on that same route is 21.4 MPH, and my average heart rate was 170 BPM when I set that PR. I set that personal best just last week, so I’m clearly fighting off a cold or something. I definitely feel off my game…

So guess what showed up at my front door yesterday afternoon?

The only original part remaining on the crash replacement 404 Firecrest clincher is the hub, Zipp  even replaced the spokes.

The only original part remaining on the crash replacement 404 Firecrest clincher is the hub, Zipp even replaced the spokes.



My replacement Zipp 404 Firecrest carbon clincher is finally home! Zipp replaced everything but the hub. A huge “Thanks!” to Brick City Bicycles in Ocala for handling the crash replacement with Zipp. I was able to get a replacement wheel for just $400, and that included shipping. Obviously it sucks to have to spend any money to replace a newly purchased wheel, but considering a new rear Zipp 404 Firecrest carbon clincher would have run me $1,500 + tax, I am extremely happy.

I shall now make fun of myself.

When the wheel arrived yesterday afternoon, I slapped the cassette on it, removed the Continental Grand Prix 4000S from my temporary replacement wheel, grabbed a tube, mounted the tire and started to air it up…

45 PSI, 70 PSI, 80 PSI…. BOOM!

What the…?! I am always careful when mounting tires to make sure the tube is not pinched between the wheel and the tire. In fact, I’ve literally never had a tube blow due to a pinch when mounting a tire. “Oh well”, I thought, “I guess I screwed up!”

So I grabbed a fresh tube, and was extra super careful to make sure there would not be a repeat of what just happened…

45 PSI, 70 PSI, 80 PSI…. BOOM!

I was in disbelief. I pulled the tube and tire off the wheel, and instantly saw what the problem was: Zipp did not put a rim strip on my replacement wheel.

I guess in my zeal to have my Madone back to her former glory I overlooked the fact that the rim strip was missing. I’ve never bought wheels that didn’t come with the rim strips installed, so I can almost be forgiven for overlooking it… well, at least the first time.

I’m laughing now, but I was extremely pretty pissed off (at myself) last night.

Anyway, I’m off to the LBS to get the rim strip (and new tubes). Can’t wait to ride. 🙂

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