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Another tough ride yesterday, a few more PRs.

Monday, November 4, 2013 by  
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A couple weeks ago a did a 72 kilometer ride that was pretty tough: the total riding time was 2:20:41 and my average heart rate during that time was 170 BPM (see “‘Extreme’ suffering on yesterday’s ride nets a few PRs“). Strava gave that ride a 170 “Extreme” Suffer Score.

Another tough ride yesterday.

Another tough ride yesterday.

Yesterday I did a slightly extended 80 kilometer version of that same route by adding the hilly NTC trail extension. Yesterday’s ride was even tougher than the ride mentioned above: total ride time
2:36:31 with an average heart rate of 173 BPM. More ride time, higher average heart rate. Strava gave this ride a 210 “Extreme” Suffer Score.

It was a beautiful but extremely windy day yesterday–especially the second half of the ride. I was riding into a fairly constant headwind almost the entire return trip, and some of the gusts were just crazy! Great workout.

The stunning weather brought out the crowds, and the trails were in heavy use. Some of my efforts were offset by slowdowns yielding to other trail users and cross-traffic. I set a couple new PRs on yesterday’s ride, but I sure had to work for them.

Here’s the entire ride on Strava.

It was great seeing so many families outside enjoying the trails on such a beautiful day! Practically everyone was smiling. Even though I was hurting through much of the ride (especially fighting the wind on the return), I found myself smiling, too.

I’ve been dealing with some pretty stressful stuff the past few days, and the incredible weekend weather could not have come at a better time. When I left the house for my ride I was a ball of stress, feeling tense and irritable. When I got back I felt calm, at peace and happy. Nothing soothes the soul like riding a bike in the great outdoors! 🙂

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