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Yard work yesterday; Garmin’s service and support is phenomenal.

Monday, November 25, 2013 by  
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I decided to give the bike a rest yesterday, and spent the day doing yard work and a couple other outdoor projects. The weather was cool, windy and overcast–a very welcome change from the norm around these here parts. While I was outside working several cyclists passed by my house and waved. As I returned the wave I had to resist the strong urge to drop my hedge trimmer, run into the house and retrieve my bike.

It was a productive day, and to be honest I needed a day off from riding. I rode on Saturday morning and was really hurting, obviously still recovering from the Van Fleet TT effort on Thursday. I tend to have a fairly high heart rate when I’m exerting myself heavily, but sustaining an average of 184-185 BPM for an hour and 20 minutes (as I did at Van Fleet) is pushing it even for me. And that was just half of the ride.


In Friday’s blog I mentioned that my heart rate monitor has been glitching lately, and that it was probably time to pick up a new strap. I decided to give Garmin a call to see what they thought. I described the issue I was experiencing, and the Garmin representative said, “I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m going to send you the latest version of our premium strap at no charge.” My Edge 500 Premium Red Edition was purchased back in May of 2012 and is no longer under warranty, but the Garmin rep told me that I should not be having problems and they stand behind their products. They are even sending the removable transmitter with the strap, even though my transmitter is just fine. When I pointed that out to the rep, he said I could just keep the old transmitter as a backup. The premium soft strap + transmitter MSRP is $69.99.

Garmin has once again gone above and beyond, and they were under no obligation to do so. You may recall that Garmin even replaced my Edge 500 at no charge after a mountain bike wreck. Not only was the wreck my fault, the Edge was out of warranty.

I really have to hand it to Garmin: not only have they gone above and beyond any reasonable expectation of service, they’ve done that twice now. Garmin also made the process of getting the problems resolved insanely easy. One phone call, three minute of my time (they knew who I was from my phone number and simply confirmed my address) and DONE.

I love my Edge 500, but when it comes time to replace or upgrade it there’s no question I’ll be buying another Garmin product.

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