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Yesterday was one of the laziest days I've had in ages…

Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter.
Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter.

Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter.

Yesterday morning after emerging from my food-induced coma, I stumbled into the kitchen and prepared a healthy breakfast of black coffee and a massive sticky-sweet apple strudel. I resisted the strong urge to consume a second strudel.

As it turns out, backing away from the extra pastry was the pinnacle of my restraint for the entire day.

My “lunch” consisted of movie theater popcorn, and dinner was (of course) Thanksgiving leftovers: turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes and biscuits.

Oh, and I didn’t ride or do any activities that could even remotely be construed as exercise. I basically sat around the house brushing crumbs out of my fat folds until Lisa rolled me into bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the holiday and the food! Nothing wrong with a little indulgence now and then. But I truly don’t know how I used to eat like that day in and day out. All I can think about this morning is how good my usual healthy diet will taste, and how much I want to get outside for a ride. I would love to do a long ride this morning, but I can only get away for an hour. I’ll have to make that hour count, no soft peddling!

Have a great day!