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2014 cut is a go: HARDCORE mode.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 by  
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A couple weeks back I wrote in my blog that I’m going to be cutting weight at the beginning of 2014. My goal–for the first time ever–is not tied to a specific body fat percentage. This time around my goal is a specific scale weight: 160 pounds.

My scale weight as of this past Sunday is 178 pounds, and I expect that I’ll close out the year around 180 or so (I like to relax my diet a bit before a strict cut).

No excuses!

No excuses!

Yep, I said strict. I’ve been giving it some thought, and I’ve decided that I’d like to do an old school John Stone cut. It’s been a few years since I’ve wanted or needed to cut weight, and so I thought it would be fun to revisit the halcyon days of JSF.

Many of you know what that means, but for those who don’t know what a hardcore JS cut entails, these are the principles:

– Clean, all-natural foods. The only processed foods I’ll consume are Nitrean protein powder, Clif bars and sauces like Sriracha. I’ll also have energy gels and chews on rides.

– No cheat meals or snacks for the entire duration of the cut.

– All meals will be logged online (I’ll probably use JSF BodyShop even though I think it sucks).

– No alcohol for the entire duration of the cut.

– Minimum of 8 hours sleep each night.

– No missed workouts. My workouts will involve less weight training than previous cuts and more cycling.


The above principles will be strictly adhered to until I reach my goal weight of 160 pounds. I will note that if my cycling power (watts/KG) begins to drastically reduce, I may stop short of my planned weight goal. I don’t want this to be counter-productive. That said, I don’t anticipate that will be a problem. At this point (almost 11 years since I started JSF) I’m very in tune with my body, and I feel I can cut down to 160 pounds while increasing my watts/KG.

I will be taking a couple weeks off at the end of December/beginning of January to relax and enjoy the holidays (December 21, 2013 – January 5, 2014). I will start my cut on Monday, January 6, 2014. This is a particularly cool date to start my cut: January 6th is the 11 year anniversary of the start of my initial transformation!

I encourage any of you who have fat loss goals to join me on January 6th. Start planning now, and let’s do this together!

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8 Responses to “2014 cut is a go: HARDCORE mode.”
  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for thinking of us readers for your upcoming cut.

    I am in. I have been slowly building up a workout routine and it’s time to incorporate some other lifestyle changes (diet, sleep, cutting out cigarettes).

    I will be doing research and getting things in line for Jan. 6. I look forward to it.

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  2. Totally in on this. Me and my boss at work have a body-fat-loss competition going between me and him and there’s a bet involved πŸ™‚ …and I’m not planning to lose.

    We’re actually starting tomorrow, but it will last 8 weeks….well through the new year.

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