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Excellent ride at the West Orange Trail nets 7 new PRs.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 by  
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Post-ride, at the West Orange Trail.

Post-ride, at the West Orange Trail.

Lisa had to work all weekend long, and so she had yesterday off. I had a fairly light workload yesterday, so after banging out a couple hours of early morning work I decided to take the rest of the day off.

I wanted to hit Costco to stock up on some foods for my upcoming cut (more on that tomorrow), but before I did that I grabbed my Madone and headed over to the West Orange Trail for a spirited 43 kilometer solo ride.

I was feeling a cold coming on last week, but it looks like I was able to fight it off before it really set in. When I rode Sunday my heart rate was higher than usual, but I otherwise felt pretty good. For yesterday’s ride I decided to do the first ~20 kilometers at a moderate pace and, if I was feeling okay, make the return trip a hard effort for time.

When I reached the halfway point I was well warmed up, and my legs felt really good. My heart rate was still higher than usual, but for some reason it didn’t feel that way. I decided to drop the hammer…

I was hoping to take the KOM on the 21.1 kilometer Killarney to Apopka Vineland segment, and I knew that would require a big effort and a little luck. There are quite a few street crossings along the trail, and the section through downtown Winter Garden can be very slow if there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

I was very unlucky yesterday, both with the street crossings and in downtown Winter Garden. I always put safety first, and so I did not take any risks at the crossings or when the trail was crowded with pedestrians. No KOM is worth injuring myself or someone else. I did my best to make up for the lost time, but it wasn’t quite enough: I wound up 2nd overall (out of 345 riders/1,005 rides) with a time of 37:06–just 30 seconds short of the KOM. That’s okay, I’m happy with my effort. I’d rather come up a few seconds short knowing I didn’t put myself or anyone else at risk.

I set a total of 7 personal records yesterday, and I’m very happy with that. I ride the West Orange trail a lot, so setting 7 PRs on a single ride is a good day indeed. That brings my December PRs to 21–a good start to the month! My total PRs for 2013 now stand at 273.

Here’s the complete ride on Strava.

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