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My 2014 cutting diet – detailed raw foods list

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 by  
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Freezer is fully stocked with most of my 2014 cut proteins.

Freezer is fully stocked with most of my 2014 cut proteins.

Before starting a cut or a bulk I have several rituals that I always follow. Proper diet is the most critical component of any successful fat loss program, and so it’s vitally important to spend some time planning out that aspect of your program. If you skip the crucial planning step you are setting yourself up to fail before you even begin.

What I always do is rough out my cutting menus, then stock up on many of the foods I’ll be consuming on my cut. As you can see here, I’ve made another big Costco trip and stocked up on many of the proteins I’ll be consuming. I also stock up on other foods that have a decently long shelf life.

The following foods are the basic building blocks of what will be my cutting diet. Some of these foods will be purchased fresh weekly, and are indicated as such. Everything else I’ve purchased in bulk.

60 pounds boneless/skinless chicken breast
12 pounds Atlantic salmon
12 pounds lean sirloin
8 pounds shrimp
60 5-ounce tins tuna in water
18.4 pounds Nitrean protein powder
Egg whites (fresh)
93% lean ground beef (fresh)

10 pounds almonds
5 pounds natural peanut butter
2 Liters extra virgin olive oil

10 pounds dry whole grain pasta
10 pounds dry whole grain rice
10 pounds raw oats
Bananas (fresh)
Red potatoes (fresh)

Salad greens (fresh)
Broccoli (fresh)
Cauliflower (fresh)
Various stir fry veggies (fresh)
Onions (fresh)
Tomatoes (fresh)
Cilantro (fresh)
Green onions (fresh)
Garlic (fresh)
Ginger (fresh)
Dill (fresh)
Greek yogurt (fresh)
Lemons (fresh)
Limes (fresh)

Of course other foods will be utilized, but the above items will always be on-hand and will form the foundation of my cutting diet.

To drink? Water, protein shakes, black coffee and hot tea. That’s it.

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30 Responses to “My 2014 cutting diet – detailed raw foods list”
  1. What, no receipt pic? 🙂

    Just wondering if you’ve ever considered using coconut oil as a fat source? Mastover really turned me on to it, and after doing a little research myself I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that it’s about as close to a super-food as you can get.

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  2. I have always wanted to try that. I lack the knowledge for proper quantities and foods. I eat relatively clean all year and usually test around 9-10% but one time I would like to try to get freakish. Can you shoot before and after photos? I will be following along to watch the transformation. What’s weird to me is that you are prob one of the leanest people I know already. And yet your setting your goals even higher.

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  3. Paul, I don’t do public before/after photos anymore. Been there/done that–literally thousands of pictures. Go back and look at those if you want. I’ve got before/after/during photos from numerous cuts and bulks from 160 pounds to 236 pounds and everything in between.

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  4. I’ve read conflicting reports on the effect diet sodas/artificial sweeteners have on blood sugar, but I have not done any real research on the subject because I choose to avoid all sodas while I’m cutting. That said, if having a can of diet soda every couple of days helps keeps you sane and on track, I would not worry about it at all.

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  5. Growing up I was totally addicted to sodas, which really added to my weight gains I am sure. When I started getting really serious about my weight goals I initially cut all soda out entirely for the first few weeks. After a while I did allow myself to have 1 diet soda with dinner every day. I also would allow myself to consume a diet soda on cheat meals. So on average I was drinking 7-8 diet sodas per week. I still dominated my weight loss and went from 225 to 155lbs in 5 months. Drinking them in moderation shouldn’t hinder your goals.

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  6. Thanks for the info, John. I check into this site everytime I need a little inspiration. I customized your menus about 7 years ago and went from 195 to 150. I won my age group in a pump and run during that time. I’m back at 200 and ready to cut again.

    How many days will you get out of the meat?
    What will be your caloric intake?
    How long will the cutting phase last?
    When will you post your menus?

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    • Hey Lee,

      – I think those proteins will last somewhere around 2.5 – 3 months.

      – My caloric intake will be very fluid depending on my activity level, my progress and other factors. I’ll probably start somewhere around 2,500 calories and adjust from there.

      – I should reach my goal in 8-10 weeks, give or take.

      – My menus will be posted in real time once I start my cut. I’ll elaborate on that some time this week.

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  7. I don’t hold hands, babysit or waste my time with people who are not busting their asses, but my JSF friends already know I will bend over backwards to help anyone who is truly putting in the work. If I can be of any help to my local cycling friends who are willing to put in the work, it’s truly my pleasure. I’m just a phone call or email away. I love seeing people succeed!

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  8. Hey John,

    Firstly congrats on the successful cut!! I can’t believe how quickly that went by!

    Wasn’t sure to post here or your newest cut article, but I’m curious as to how your stockpile of food looks like after the cut. Did you go through all your proteins listed above or had to make some adjustments etc?


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