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Considering alternatives to JSF BodyShop for my cut.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think JSF BodyShop™, frankly, sucks. When this project was in development I was extremely excited about the possibilities, but things did not turn out as I’d hoped. Not even close. The site does contain a lot of functionality, and perhaps that is the root of its problems. In retrospect it would have been far better to do much less extremely well instead of trying to put everything under the sun in there.

Also, and this is one of my main complaints, the site is so slow that I can’t stand to work with it. It’s not the servers–they are powerful and have plenty of RAM–it’s the highly inefficient and extremely bloated code. Performing even the most minor of tasks takes an eternity to complete, and so working on there is an exercise in frustration. I dug into the code a bit last month, and it’s a freaking mess. Spaghetti code doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Of course the site is also very outdated looking (heck, it even launched already looking long in the tooth), it’s poorly laid out and the UI is extremely unintuitive. Users have a very difficult time figuring out how to do the things they need to do.

The developer abandoned the project long before any of these things were corrected (in fact he felt the site was awesome, and seemed perplexed why very few people were using it). Also, no mobile app was ever developed, and these days that just doesn’t fly.

There are a little over 2,5000 members on JSF BodyShop™, but only several dozen of you are actually using the site on a regular basis; those users are the only reason I’ve kept it alive and running. Personally I continue to use the site to track my measurements and food when cutting or bulking, but I always dread it because it’s so slow.

myfitnesspalWhich brings me to my upcoming cut. I really don’t want to use JSF BodyShop™ any more. Not only do I hate using it, anyone who wants to look at my food logs or measurements has to create an account, log in and then suffer through the excruciatingly long page load times and clunky interface…

There are some excellent diet and fitness stats sites out there that are modern, fast and functional. I’ve created an account on myfitnesspal, and so far I’m impressed. I’m still playing around, but I think it’s going to do just fine.

After I have a chance to do some more experimenting I’ll follow up here.

Also, I will probably be closing down JSF BodyShop™ sometime in the near future. It’s costing me money to keep it alive, and there are way better alternatives out there.

EDIT: Please see this blog for current information regarding the state of BodyShop.