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JSF BodyShop to close, no longer accepting new members.

Monday, December 16, 2013 by  
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A few days ago I wrote about my disappointment with JSF BodyShop (see “Considering alternatives to JSF BodyShop for my cut“), and that I was looking at alternative sites to track my diet and my stats.

Originally I stated that I was probably going to close JSF BodyShop down, but I was contacted by several members who were worried about losing their data. After hearing from these members, I decided to keep the site running.

As a result of that blog, a discussion began on Facebook and some excellent points were made that caused me to reconsider my choice to leave JSF BodyShop up and running. One member summed it up nicely:

Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc., all terminate apps. Announce a date, give users plenty of notice (email blast, here, banner on JSF), then do it. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

He’s absolutely correct. BodyShop really is dead weight, and it needs to go.




The software developer and I worked our butts off on the project (especially the developer) for, I believe, nearly a year. Ultimately we lacked the time, money and talent to pull off such an ambitious project. That’s not to suggest that the software developer lacked talent–that’s not the case at all–it was simply just too much for a couple guys with very limited resources to pull off successfully. Not every project is going to be a winner. We sure gave it a hell of a try, though.

So pulling the plug is not a decision I came to lightly. Considering the long hours that were invested, it’s actually painful to be at this juncture.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do. BodyShop is no longer accepting new members. Existing members can still log in and use the site normally. I’ll leave BodyShop running until mid-2014, probably early summer. That should give people plenty of time to migrate their data away from the site, if they wish. Unfortunately there are no export tools available, so the data migration will need to be a manual process.

Personally I’m going to take my stats data (not every week, just the various phases start/end stats) and add it to this site along with my older data. I’m going to let the food logs go.

Future stats and food logs will be maintained at MyFitnessPal. I’ll provide links when I start my 2014 cut.

Please note that the main JSF site (this site) and the JSF Forums are not in any way affected by this change, and will continue to operate normally.

Thanks for your understanding.

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