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SRAM XO front trigger shifter issue; Great service from SRAM!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 by  
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It’s been almost two years since I upgraded all of the components on my Fuel EX 8 mountain bike. I’ve maintained this bike with great care, and it’s proven to be an extremely reliable performer. In fact, apart from replacing normal wear items (chain, cables, tires and so on), I’ve not had any issues whatsoever–with one exception.

SRAM XO Front Trigger Shifter

SRAM XO Front Trigger Shifter

At the Black Bear Rampage my front shifter (SRAM XO Trigger) started experiencing a weird issue. Sometimes when I’d shift from the small chainring to the big ring, the shifter would sort of “pop” and then go loose without making the shift. Whenever this happened I’d have to hit the small ring shifter, and then try the big ring shift again. I could usually get it to catch by pressing very hard and holding the shift in until the chain moved to the big ring, but this usually took about 5 seconds (and didn’t always work).

I’d replaced all the cables and housings just before Black Bear, so I knew that wasn’t the problem. When I got back from the Rampage race I took the shifter apart. Everything looked good, but I cleaned and greased all the internals anyway, and re-assembled the shifter. The problem remained.

So I started doing some research online, and I found quite a few accounts of the same issue. The solution in all cases that I saw was to replace the defective shifter. Apparently this was a known issue.

I contacted my dealer, and he contacted SRAM on my behalf. SRAM immediately sent out a brand new replacement shifter, no questions asked. They said I could keep the old one for spare parts or whatever. Very cool, and another example of great service–both from my dealer and SRAM. Hopefully I’ll have the replacement shifter by this weekend!

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    • Yes he does. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I shot Bob an email about this issue, as I’ve never needed to contact him about a problem before. Bob got back to me within an hour, then quickly followed up after contacting SRAM. The whole issue was resolved quickly and painlessly. A+

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