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Some of the recipes I will be making during my cutting program.

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Yesterday’s potential crisis at work was narrowly averted, but it was a long day at the keyboard. For a couple hours or so it was looking like I was going to have to fly north, and that would have been a major stick in my spokes.

Speaking of spokes, I’ve not been on my bike since last Friday. It’s been that kind of week. There were a couple of times when I could have broke away for a quick ride, be to be honest I simply didn’t feel like riding. My mind has been elsewhere…

Last Wednesday I posted a detailed list of the raw foods I’ll be using during my upcoming cut. When I cut I’ll be relying heavily on many of the recipes featured here on JSF (especially for dinner). I’ve been preparing some of those healthy and great tasting dishes for more than a decade!

My Asian Stir Fry

My Asian Stir Fry

I’ll certainly prepare my Asian stir fry at least once per week (I had this last night, in fact). This is a flexible recipe that can be customized in any number of ways. Lisa and I eat it at least once per week year-round, and we never tire of it.

Another dish I prepare at least once per week is Broiled salmon with mustard and dill. I’ve been making this dish for about a decade now, and I still love it. When I first started making it I used sour cream, but I found that Greek yogurt tasted just as good as sour cream with less of a caloric impact, and so I permanently modified my recipe. This one is great because I can whip up that sauce in less than 5 minutes. Add some brown rice and broccoli and it’s a perfect, healthy cutting meal.

I don’t make this one quite as often as the above two recipes, but Grilled Shrimp with Brown Sugar and Cayenne Pepper is fantastic if I’m in the mood for some sweet & heat. Don’t be afraid of the little bit of brown sugar, it won’t hurt your cutting progress.

I eat a lot of chicken breasts when I’m cutting. Many of them are just plain grilled chicken breasts, but I also have a few healthy chicken recipes that are fantastic for variety. Spicy Baked Chicken is a recipe that I’ve been using since 2003 during my original transformation! In fact, when I resumed consuming meat (I was a vegetarian for almost 10 years prior to 2003), this was the recipe I used. It’s phenomenal.

Another chicken recipe that is among my absolute favorites is Unbelievable Chicken. If you’ve not tried this recipe yet, you must.

These are just a few examples. Take some time and explore the recipe section (note that some are “splurge meals” and not good for cutting diets) and you’re sure to find something that sounds appealing.

If you have a recipe that you think other JSF members and visitors would enjoy, please submit it!

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