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The X9 is coming soon; Selling my Titan.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 by  
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As many of you know, for the past few years I’ve been working with a fitness equipment manufacturer, Bodyforce, on the development of an exciting commercial-grade home gym: The X9.

I’m pleased to report that the X9 is finally complete! I’ve seen video of the finished X9 (complete with final paint and detailing) and it’s truly a thing of beauty. I saw a brief demo video in which one of the factory workers moved effortlessly from one chest exercise to the next–six exercises in total–no setup or lag time between exercises. This machine is not only optimized for maximizing the effectiveness of intensity training techniques such as super sets and giant sets, it is also designed to keep you focused on your workout. An incredible amount of thought and careful design has gone into this machine, and I can’t wait to get mine!

If you have not seen the X9, here are a few images. Click any image to enlarge.

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Quarter View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Quarter View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Front View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Front View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym - Side View

X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym – Side View


The first couple of production machines will be ready sometime within the next month or two. I will be receiving one of those machines, and will provide a very detailed and comprehensive review after I’ve had a chance to really get to know it.

If you are interested in learning more about the X9, I’ve provided a short form you can fill out here. Your information will not be shared, and will only be used to update you on the X9. Filling out this form will also get you a discount when the machine is released. 🙂

I do not have room in my gym for the X9 and the Titan, and so I will be selling my Titan (you can check out my Titan here). The Titan will come with tons of attachments and options: I ordered mine with just about every possible option available at the time of purchase, and added a few more options as they became available (including the “John Stone” T-Bar Row attachment, which I suggested and even helped design). I’ll also throw in the heavy bag (which attaches to the rear of the Titan) and a 300-pound Olympic barbell set. The dumbbells are NOT included.

Please keep in mind that the Titan is a large and full-featured home gym system, and will likely require a dedicated room. This is for local pick-up only–I am not shipping this beast! If you are out of state and would like to arrange for a moving company or similar to come pick the Titan up, that’s fine, but you must make those arrangements. I will disassemble the Titan to allow for transport. In fact, I can partially disassemble the Titan to make assembly much easier (this is what I did when I moved, and assembly only took a few hours). The Titan is in excellent condition, built like a tank and only shows cosmetic wear.

I have not yet officially put the Titan up for sale, but I am interested in speaking with serious buyers (contact information). I have not yet arrived at a selling price, but I believe the gym with all the options and other equipment I will be including cost me somewhere around 7-8 grand. I’ll figure that up and come up with a reasonable selling price (obviously at a very heavy discount). I will, of course, provide a complete list of attachments, options and equipment that are included.

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3 Responses to “The X9 is coming soon; Selling my Titan.”
  1. OK, I’ll admit that I’m surprised that these guys are finally coming to market with a product line given how long it’s taken and the endless “Titan Killer” thread in the forums. Don’t get me wrong: It clearly looks like a highly technical piece of equipment that would take a long time to develop, but I gave up watching over a year ago.

    I understand that you don’t have space for both, but are you sure you want to risk your original “classic” X9 as a trade-off for a first generation production model?

    Regardless, I would love to have either despite how much I like my own modest setup. I look forward to the review.

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    • It’s definitely a bit of a gamble selling my trusty Titan for a new and untested piece of equipment. It’s a calculated risk, however, and I say that for several reasons….

      I feel the long development cycle is a positive. The only mistake, in my opinion, was announcing the product way too early in the development process. Keep in mind that the developers of the X9 could have released the machine a long time ago–the pressure was certainly on them to do just that. But they didn’t want to release a product that they felt was not the best it could be. I’ve remained in regular contact with the developers during the entire development cycle, and they went back again and again (at great expense and, obviously, time) when something was not “perfect”.

      The lead designer and owner of Bodyforce (Brian Butler) and I go back a long way, and I thoroughly trust him. I’ve known Brian for almost ten years (he was co-owner of Fitcore, the US distributor of the Titan), and he is one of the most honest people I’ve ever known in my entire life. I think Brian is literally incapable of lying, and I’m not kidding about that. So I know, without any doubt, that if there are issues with my machine Brian will do whatever it takes to make it right.

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