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Slept incredibly well; Big training day; JSF online coaching job available.

Friday, January 24, 2014 by  
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A few items of note going on this morning…

I don't really sleep with a stuffed bear. Well, not too often, anyway.

I don’t really sleep with a stuffed bear. Well, not too often, anyway.

First of all, yesterday evening about 30 minutes before bedtime I took (3) ZMA capsules (see yesterday’s blog, “What is ZMA, and is it a worthwhile supplement?“), along with my usual Yogi Bedtime Tea. I slept better last night than I have in a long, long time. I snoozed deeply through the entire night, not even waking to urinate… so that means I have to wash the sheets this morning. 🙁

I’m just kidding about wetting the bed; I’ve not done that in over two weeks, as evidenced by the two gold stars Lisa has proudly affixed to the “John’s Special Achievements” chart on the refrigerator.

Seriously, I always get up at least once per night to use the bathroom, and I sometimes have trouble falling back asleep. So getting a full, unbroken eight hours of rest was pretty awesome! I woke up naturally at 5:00 AM this morning feeling completely refreshed and wide awake. The ZMA combined with the Bedtime Tea (which I added to my Favorite Things list three years ago, and is still a nightly tradition to this day) is a fantastic, all-natural bedtime combination.

I’m going to need all the extra energy I can muster today. Just as I did last week, I’m going to lift weights this morning, and then I’m going to do a fairly tough 1-hour TrainerRoad cycling workout in my Bike Torture Chamber. I’ve got a nice streak going on the bike, and have ridden every day so far in 2014. I don’t know where this is going, but I do know I’m not ready to break the streak. 🙂

Finally, JSF is looking to bring a new online coach into the fold. Many people–even experienced trainees–find that having an impartial and knowledgeable coach to be indispensable. I am looking for an experienced individual (or team) who can provide online diet and coaching services to our members and guests. This would be an Official Sponsorship gig, which sets the bar high. If you have what it takes and are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me.

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