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Titan is sold, here’s the transition plan.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 by  
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In early January I wrote a blog about the now completed X9 Evolution Hybrid home gym, and mentioned that I would be selling my Titan to make room for it (see “The X9 is coming soon; Selling my Titan“). I stated that I would not ship the Titan, and would only deliver via local pick-up. I was, therefore, quite surprised when I started receiving inquires from all over the United States. Plenty of folks, it seems, were willing to make the drive from as far away as Washington state!

The very first person who contacted me is a local–someone I happen to know personally (we’ve mountain biked together). Because he contacted me first, I told him if he wanted the Titan he had dibs. This past weekend he and his wife came over, and I put on a full Titan demonstration for them. By the time I was done my entire gym floor was littered with attachments and plates, and I may have been sweating a little bit. 🙂 The prospective buyers made up their minds on the spot, and decided to move forward with the purchase.

Another killer Titan workout in the books.

Another killer Titan workout in the books.

While I’m very happy that my Titan will be in a good home with people I know personally, I have to admit that when they said “We definitely want it, let’s get that out of the way right now.”, my very first emotion was a flash of melancholy. The Titan has been a HUGE part of my life for a long, long time. It’s a fantastic machine, and I’m quite fond of it. Saying goodbye to the Titan is closing out an important chapter in JSF history…

But I’m pragmatic. I don’t fear change, I embrace it. I am extremely excited about the X9 and my continuing business partnership with my trusted friend Brian Butler. I wrote the following as a comment to a reader’s question in one of my past blogs, and I think it sums up my thoughts on this upcoming transition nicely:

It’s definitely a bit of a gamble selling my trusty Titan for a new and untested piece of equipment. It’s a calculated risk, however, and I say that for several reasons….

I feel the long development cycle is a positive. The only mistake, in my opinion, was announcing the product way too early in the development process. Keep in mind that the developers of the X9 could have released the machine a long time ago–the pressure was certainly on them to do just that. But they didn’t want to release a product that they felt was not the best it could be. I’ve remained in regular contact with the developers during the entire development cycle, and they went back again and again (at great expense and, obviously, time) when something was not “perfect”.

Burnout body weight dips.

Burnout body weight dips.

The lead designer and owner of Bodyforce (Brian Butler) and I go back a long way, and I thoroughly trust him. I’ve known Brian for almost ten years (he was co-owner of Fitcore, the US distributor of the Titan), and he is one of the most honest people I’ve ever known in my entire life. I think Brian is literally incapable of lying, and I’m not kidding about that. So I know, without any doubt, that if there are issues with my machine Brian will do whatever it takes to make it right.

The Titan will be picked up mid-February, and there will be a little lag time between the exit of the Titan and the delivery of the X9. There’s really no way around that, as I simply don’t have room in my home for both of these massive machines. While I’ll obviously be restricted for a short time in terms of exercise variety, it’s not that big of a deal. I still have all my dumbbells, a bench, a barbell and more than 600 pounds in plates (I’m including one of my 300-pound Olympic barbell sets with the Titan) and more. So I can still do plenty.

When the X9 arrives I’ll have tons of pictures, video and initial thoughts. A very comprehensive review will follow several months down the road. Stay tuned!

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    • You’re welcome, glad you got in on the deal! After my initial order I was thinking, “How will I ever bring myself to pay ~$130 for bib shorts again knowing I could have had what is arguably the finest bib shorts on the market for less than 60 bucks?” With that in mind, I placed a second order and really stocked up. I really like the P.R.O. bibs, they are definitely a cut above the mid-line Elite bibs (which are great, but even those cost well over $100).

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