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Suplements: what I use, and my thoughts on “fat burners”. 95% of this stuff is worthless crap.

I might as well kick this blog off with my succinct and blunt opinion: 95% of the fat loss and muscle building supplements available on the market today are absolute crap and a waste of your money. The supplement industry in the United States is unregulated, and unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of that fact by saturating the market with products that are expensive, untested, worthless and even dangerous. I wrote an article a couple… [Read more]

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Failing at fat loss? It’s your diet. I'll be making this Cilantro Salmon for dinner tonight. The prep is about 10 minutes, and a chimp could follow the recipe.

Of all the components that make up a successful fat loss plan, by far the most critical is a sound diet; unfortunately this is the area in which most people fall short. I’ve seen (and made) a lot of mistakes over the past 11 years, but a couple of these missteps are, by far, the most common: Information Paralysis. These folks never even start because they are obsessed with creating the “perfect” nutrition and training… [Read more]

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2014 cut weekly progress report: week #1 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #1 of my 2014 cutting program is complete, and itโ€™s time for my weekly progress report. For much more information on how I’m going about this cut, please check out this blog. You can find my complete food logs for this cut on MyFitnessPal. Tools of the trade This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week   RAW DATA My scale weight this morning (as measured by the )… [Read more]

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New recipe: Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach and Asparagus! Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions

I’ve got a great new recipe for you guys today: Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions! A couple days ago my friend Jim Beyer told me about this recipe, which he gave very high marks. I reviewed the recipe, and it looked fantastic–I couldn’t wait to try it! Luckily Lisa was at the grocery yesterday, so I asked her to pick up some fresh tilapia, asparagus and baby spinach. The recipe calls… [Read more]

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Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions

This low-calorie and extremely healthy spicy Tilapia dish is loaded with great flavor and is a snap to prepare!

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FTP test served up yesterday, with a side of humble pie. My Bike Torture Chamber, set for the painful hour-long "8 minute" FTP test.

For the past several months the weather in my neck of the woods has been–almost without exception–so nice that all of my riding has been outside. In fact, the last time my Bike Torture Chamber saw any action was back in early October. Yesterday it was a cool and sunny day and, yet again, I was itching to saddle up and ride outside. But I knew it was time to kick off my 2014 structured… [Read more]

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A few (minor) gripes about MyFitnessPal’s recipe functionality. MyFitnessPal is excellent, but could use a few tweaks.

One area of MyFitnessPal that I wish were a little more robust is the functionality of the “recipe” features. Creating a recipe simply involves adding the individual ingredients of any recipe, giving it a name and then saving it. The system will then calculate the total calories and nutritional data for you. Once a recipe is created, adding it to your food logs is a snap. It’s a great feature, but there are a couple… [Read more]

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My tips for keeping your fat loss diet on track, even when life gets crazy.

I wanted to talk about some of my cutting diet meals this morning. Over the past few days I’ve received some questions about the foods I’ve logged on MyFitnessPal, and so I wanted to address those this morning. I’d also like to provide some (hopefully) helpful tips that will make it easier for you to stay on track, even when life throws unexpected twists and turns at you. My number one piece of advice is… [Read more]

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Water weight is coming off fast; A few thoughts on MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal's "Add Cardio Exercise" interface.

The first day of my 2014 cut went extremely well! After a few weeks of too much junk food and too much alcohol, it felt awesome getting back to a healthy diet. Yesterday’s blog garnered a fair number of comments on Facebook, and I made the following comment in reply: “I’m feeling great! I almost forgot how much fun cutting can be. I really enjoy getting super strict, tracking my diet and exercise and making… [Read more]

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2014 cut: day 1! Starting stats and detailed information. MyFitnessPal - JohnStoneFitness

As is my tradition before a strict cut or bulk, yesterday was a super fun day of gluttony: movies, popcorn, bacon cheeseburgers and Fat Tire ale. I did stop eating long enough for a 50 kilometer ride. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I woke up this morning ready for the task ahead of me. It’s time to start my 2014 cut, and as I churn towards my goal I’m going to be as disciplined and strict as you… [Read more]

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